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News around EVOWOW Server

What has changed and what will remain the same

News around EVOWOW Server
In spite of the wrath of the Lich King, this version remains as great as the great Chinese wall. No matter how large, new, grandiose buildings appear in today's modern world, it remains the only one.
EVOWOW, still does not intend to change the current version of the server, but we have made several changes recently.

Experience levels

XP Rate has been changed or restored to the previous values.
  • Quests: x3
  • Kills: x2
  • Explore: x1
I am aware that with this change, I will refuse some more impatient players, but I am convinced that this will also reduce players who do not value the hero they will develop.
The probability of increasing the population is not great, but the probability of improving the quality of the population is worth the risk.


We've cleared many old accounts and characters that have not been used for quite a while. This is necessary in order to improve the performance of the server as a whole. This does not include the archived characters.

Server Update

Our server was upgraded with a huge amount of fixes.
This also includes a new anti-cheat system that notifies GM + Admins with sms if any of the players use illegal software. So I advise you not to have such performances.

WOTLK Database

I also play from time to time in the game and once I have to look for information about something (I do not remember exactly what) and it turned out that I can't find synchronized with our server Wrath of the Lich King database. Most had already migrated to the latest versions or were still Vanilla. After several unsuccessful attempts to find what I wanted, I came to the conclusion that other players were in that situation too.
After several experiments and several unsuccessful attempts, I released this site: WOTLK Database
It is not perfect and there is several gliches, but it is a good start that helps me in the game. I hope to help other players too.

Future tasks

There are a few things I spend time working on.
  1. New site design.
  2. Daily statistics. (For example, who has the most vote points for this week)
  3. Restore the weekly quest event. (The search for items and the wonderful prize.)
  4. Restore the weekly quests from Gurubashi's Arena.
  5. Anti-Arena-Alth System. (Game over with the arena althers)

Sincerely yours:


Server Update


The server will be stopped for about one hour. (update is done)

There will be a system and game maintenance on the current game version.

Users does not need to change anything. Just wait untill the maintenance is done.

For more additional intomation over the update, you can see this link: TrinityCore Changes

Хо Хо Хо

Happy Holydays

Хо Хо Хо
Hello dear friends.
I would like to inform you, that from today 25th December 2016 to 10th January 2017, I announce our yearly promotion of Donate points. As the last year, so this one, the promotion is 100% bonus to each purchased donate point.
Other than that, I will add one additiona promotion. Free restore of deleted characters.
Happy Holidays.

EVOWOW Server Updates


EVOWOW Server Updates

Our wow server were successfully updated with all new TrinityCore fixes.

There are multiple quests and creature fixed. Many scripted NPCs and item drop change updates.

Here are the basic changes:

A-bomb-inable and A-bomb-ination
Achievements: fix some statistics related to epic/legendary items. Affected statistics:
- Equipped epic items in item slots
- Epic items acquired
- Epic items looted
- Legendary items acquired
Battleground Fixes
Add Script for Isle of Conquest Bosses
Shattrath City Cleanup
- restore missing text lines for Sal'salabim and Raliq the Drunk
- replace hardcoded text with DB gossip ID enum sections
- move gossip ID, quest ID, spell ID (and so on) into enum
- remove core script for Ishanah, High Priestess of the Aldor
Brewfest: implement relay race
Prevent seasonal quests from resetting at server restart
Naxxramas: Rework of Gluth
- Gluth should be able to eat zombies close to him, one at the time, during the whole fight.
- Gluth should be able to eat zombies at an accelerated rate after each Decimate.
- The zombies should put the "Infected Wound" debuff on their auto-attack targets.
- Zombies should have a normal threat table before decimate and should loose all kind of aggro behavior and walk toward Gluth after decimate.
- Gluth shouldn't be affected by the decimate damage.
- Newly poped zombies should have all players in their aggro list as soon as they spawn. So far, they were not moving and were only aggroed by proximity.
- and several minor fixes (emotes, useless data in db).
Icecrown Citadel: Sindragosa - Ice Tomb should always deal damage to all other ice tombs too.
Naxxramas: Fix Frogger event
Improve Felflame Infernal of Lord Jaraxxus fight
Fixed Halls of Reflection, Ignis the Furnace Master, Mimiron and Rend Blackhand.
MoltenCore: Fix Ragnaros
BlackrockMountain: Nefarian.
Fix a bug that would cause the Hodir encounter to never properly begin.
Fixed Anubarak issues related with Leeching Swarm spell
DrakTharonKeep: Fix Novos the Summoner.
Corrections on Halion's Encounter
ICC: Add missing creatures before Lord Marrowgar on 25 difficulties
ICC: Add missing creatures before Lady Deathwhisper on 25 difficulties
ICC: Add missing spawns on The Crimson Hall
ICC: Adjust spawntime of new spawns in Icecrown Citadel 25
Karazhan: Rework Attumen the Huntsman's script
- Timers are more accurate
- Corrected Charge ability ID based on 6.x researches
- Added Midnight's missing emotes
- Fixed issue with instance being stuck in combat in case of wipes
- Solved the rare scenario where Attumen would be summoned multiple times
- Visual spell on 3rd phase transition added
- Attumen and Midnight can now be damaged during 3rd phase transition
- Midnight calls for the aid of every horse still alive in the stables
- Use proper spells to summon Attumen and handle transitions
- Now despawns on evade
Karazhan: Register Midnight's summons
Shade of Akama Rewrite
Naxxramas: Full Kel'thuzad rework
- Fixed P2 cast behavior, now obeys category cooldowns as intended
- Fixed P1 pathing and abomination behavior
- Fixed P1 passive minion aggro logic
- Fixed P1->P2 transition logic
- Fixed P3 guardian spawn/despawn logic
- Fixed all minions' cast behavior
- Fixed melee hitbox for Kel'thuzad, abominations, banshees and guardians
- Fixed reset behavior
- Fixed post-Sapphiron event to no longer open the KT door for a few seconds before slamming it closed again
Boss Skadi the Ruthless rework
Borrowed Technology, Volatility and The Solution Solution
Bring 'Em Back Alive
Fix respawn time for objects used for The Alchemist's Apprentice quest
Hellscream's Vigil
A Lesson in Fear
Blast the Gateway
The Etymidian - Fix Meeting a Great One quest
The Drakkensryd
A Rough Ride - Waypoints again since have more experience and had a lot more wp than needed previously. A couple of cosmetic fixes for this quest.
A Hero's Headgear
The Heartblood's Strength
Fix Garments of Spirituality
Implement Quest Riding the Red Rocket
Someone Else's Hard Work Pays Off
Thwart the Dark Conclave
ExclusiveGroup for breadcrumb quests in Mudsprocket, Dustwallow Marsh
Remove wrong prevquest from "The Conqueror of Skorn!"
Sealed Vial of Poison should be repeatable
Fix wrong questgivers for the "beached animal bones" quests in Darkshore
Willix the Importer - so this quest does not complete as soon as taken so that players actually have to do the escort before been able to return quest
Crocolisk Mastery: The Ambush
Remove required quest from loot tables for item Everfrost Chip, Everfrost Powder so that everfrost chip is not always empty when looted since none of these items should require active quest to drop only that player is friendly with sons of hodir or has completed pre-quest in case of remember everfrost.
Add missing quest data for Remember Everfrost and set as repeatable
Add conditions for quests related to "The Warsong Reports"
Correct some quests' availability in K3, Storm Peaks
Fix prevquest for "Red Silk Bandanas"
Improvements to the Brood of Nozdormu rings quests
Fix required race for "Travel to Darkshire"
Fix chaining for quest "A Lost Master"
Fix required class for "You Have Served Us Well"
Fix required race for "Report to Tarren Mill"
Remove faction requirement for quest "Deviate Hides"
Add missing quest giver for quest "Morganth"
Set required profession for quest "Gathering Leather"
A Little Slime Goes a Long Way
Fix prevquest for "Rejold's New Brew"
RewardText for "Beer Basted Boar Ribs"
Fix chaining for quests related to Well Watcher Solanian
Fix chaining for Blood Elves' training quests
Preparin' For Battle
Army of the Damned
Improve chaining for "The Ashenvale Hunt" quests
Add queststarters for "Regthar Deathgate"
Fix chaining for "The Real Threat"
Improvements for "Fool's Stout"
Earth Sapta
Improvements for quest "Bitter Rivals"
Event for the quest "Testing the Tonic"
Fix locales for Nessa Shadowsong quest
Add race restrictions to many Blood Elf-only quests
Fix availability for quest "The Totem of Kar'dash"
A life without regret
Fix availability for quests: Poison Water, Rattling the Rattlecages, A New Plague
You'll Need a Gryphon
There Exists No Honor Among Birds
Replenishing the Healing Crystals
Zandalarian Shadow Talisman/Zandalarian Shadow Mastery Talisman
An Innocent Disguise
It's a Fel Reaver, But with Heart
Improvements for quest Corrosion Prevention - Energized! spell should target only the caster and any player around. Prevent trigger from gaining threat from beneficial spell casts, getting stuck in a "gaining threat but cannot attack, reset" situation. The Power Core Fragment near the zeppelin crash should always be active.
Remove two deprecated quests: Timbermaw Ally, A Little Luck
"Recover the Key!" should not be repeatable
Fix chaining for quest "Clamlette Surprise" and related pre-quests
Fix availability for quest "The Agony and the Darkness"
Improvements for quest "The Warp Rifts"
The Eyes of Grillok
Improve The Honored Dead
Treats for Great-father Winter (Horde version) shouldn't be repeatable
Fix QuestType for "A Cold Front Approaches"
Replace quest "Trial of the Naaru: Magtheridon" with the newer version from WotLK
Fix availability for quests "Sunfury Attack Plans" and "The Missing Magistrix"
Remove outdated quests in Isle of Quel'Danas, and add a missing one
Fix availability for quest "Gaining the Advantage"
Add vendor conditions for quest items related to "The Party Never Ends" and "Dry Times"
Remove wrong repeatable flag from "The Legend of Stalvan"
In service of the Lich King
Improve Alliance's "Morrowgrain Research" quest chain
Add prevquest to one of the "The Ashenvale Hunt" quests
Improvements for quest "Verog the Dervish"
Fix availability for Alliance's breadcrumb quests to Ashenvale - Onward to Ashenvale can always be done, while only one quest between Trek to Ashenvale and the Draenei-only Travel to Astranaar can be completed.
Remove quest items that were looted if they are unique, bound, quest items, when abandoning a quest.
Fix required race for two Argent Tournament dailies
Failing/abandoning a quest should not unconditionally remove required items, non-quest specific items such as crafting reagents should remain in inventory
Improvements to previous script which only gave credit for lost in action
The Keeper's Favor - Fix spell target and cast type
Delete all quest bound items on quest reward, failure or abandoning
From the Depths of Azjol-Nerub
Grizzly Hills Vordrassil area
- Add missing Vordrassil's Seed spawns
- Add missing creature spawns: Frostpaw Warrior, Redfang Hunter, Generic Trigger LAB, Frostpaw Shaman, Redfang Elder, Frostpaw Trapper
- Add pathing for Frostpaw Shaman, Frostpaw Warrior
- Change some SAI's, Redfang Hunter SAI, Frostpaw Shaman SAI, Generic Trigger LAB SAI
Cosmetic fix for quest "War is Hell"
Improve scripts for quests Breakfast Of Champions and A Bear of an Appetite
Fix event for quest "Mimicking Nature's Call"
Adjust Sons of Hodir reputation values to 3.3 retail. I have no idea how we missed that all this time.
Fix reputation and offer reward text for quests "Mission Accomplished"
The Journey Has Just Begun - should become available when either level 60 or 80 version of Onyxias head quest is turned not only the level 60 version.
Make credit for quests "The Grand Melee" and "Among the Champions" a triggered cast
The Scepter of Celebras - 
Captured Scarlet Zealot
Fix Leviathan Mk II health points
Rework Scourge Deathspeaker
Vladek <Wolfcult Initiate>
Add missing Silvermoon Magister/Gnomeregan Conjuror SAI
Add immune to npc to Wintergarde Mine Bomb
Fix Trial of The Crusader Spectators cosmetics
Fix creature Gymer <King of Storm Giants>
Steam Pump Overseer
Force Martyr Stalker reputation to be invisible
Shadowmoon Zealot
Shadowmoon Harbringer
Dark Iron Land Mines
Path Fixes for Bjomolf, Varg, Garwal
Add accessory to Frigid Proto-Drake
Sholazar Guardians (Summoning on quest accept) - When you accept quest where you receive item to summon Goregek, Dajik, Zepik, Lafoo, Jaloot or Moodle the guardian for which player just received item is also summoned automatically.
The Maker's Overlook
Flamebringer - Some corrections to previous script from sniff
Add spawns for Guard Didier & Caravan Mule
Soo-holu & Kartak the Abominable
Add missing creature spawns in Ghostlands & Eversong Woods
* Added the following NPC's : Toad, Snake, Frog, Lesser Scourgebat, Greater Spindleweb, Ghostclaw Ravager, Ghostclaw Lynx, Vampiric Mistbat, Whitetail Frenzy, Yellowgill Frenzy, Rabbit, Feral Dragonhawk Hatchling, Springpaw Stalker, Crazed Dragonhawk, Ghostlands Guardian, Spider
Cabal Ritualists don't cast Crystal Channel
Clam Master K Waypoints
Pathing for Houndmaster Grebmar
Add flag guard Deathguard Elite
Add missing Anvilrage Overseer SAI
Add missing Ornery Plainstrider SAI
Mebok Mizzyrix SAI
Rothin the Decaying
Fix positions and movements type for Explorers' League Researcher and Chief Archaeologist Letoll
Make some creatures appear dead when appropriate: K3 Snow Runner, Trapped Animal, Marsh Caribou
Remove and fix some wrong spawns in Eversong Woods
Fix pathing and speed of Frogger
Fix Unit flag for Lurielle
Fix spawn position for Froggers
Plague Scientist spells
Fix pathing for A Cry For Help
Ghoul Attack power
Add multiple Ghostland waypoints.
Add Mebok Mizzyrix SAI
Add Cabal Ritualists SAI
RP event with Jane, Nova & Jessel
Fix non repeatable event for Jammal'an the Prophet
Fix mechanic_immune flags for wotlk bosses
Plucky Johnson SAI
Kill Surveyor Orlond
Fix menu texts for Argent Tournament faction vendors
Add missing aura and flags to Scryers' bookshelves in Shattrath
Fix phase for "Siegemaster Fezzik"
Add missing Spirit Healer in Grizzly Hills
Update Hamat's aura with the correct one
Webwood Spider and Githyiss the Vile
improve script for some ogres in Feralas
Fix Runetog Wildhammer
Add waypoints for Deathguard Molder
Fix Quartermaster Bartlett
Gordok Ogre-Mage SAI
Drak'aguul SAI
Precious <Simone's Pet> Z coordinate
Add Frostbolt to Gordok Ogre-Mage SAI
Update Drak'aguul script
Slumbering Mjordin should not be attackable until gossip selected
Add missing spawn creature 40405 Kieupid <Pet Trainer>
Add missing SAI for Mux Manascrambler
Add missing SAI for Borean Tundra creatures
Add invisibility effect for Alpha Worg: Garwal's Invisibility. Creature is only visible if player has aura Eyes of the Eagle (43060) active
Ahab Wheathoof
- NPC should turn towards invoker and stay facing for a short duration before turning back towards pillar when says line asking about his dog.
- Npc should only have fork equipped when he turns towards player at all other times has hammer equipped
- Added script for when periodically hammers the notice pillar
Readd players to queue when proposal fails because someone else declined it
If a boss kills itself, still save the group to the instance
Improve Jormungars fight
Process the reset of Mandokir (ZulGurub)
Fix issues where creatures cancel spell casts chasing target
Fix DoT Damage Causes Pet Aggro Per Tick
Remove XP at kill from several creatures which dont give xp on retail
Apply heirloom stat modifiers before maxing out health/power at level up.
Finally implement cast logic for controlled players.
Scripts for teleportation Pads in Storm Peaks and K3
Enable item use and spell cast when dismounting
Fix an edge case crash that could happen if a duel ended.
interrupt a creature's current cast when fleeing for assistance, and (if spell is not castable while moving) when running random/fleeing movement generators. Also make sure the creature is alive before updating.
Fixed pets dont lose auras on join arena
Fixed autoattack range
Prevent bosses respawn when BossState is set to DONE 
Added Black Temple Boundaries
Add a missing to spell to make Box of Mushrooms spawn a Ango'rosh Mauler when looted
Move report AFK requirement to config.
Remove all raid auras on party leave
Increase number of auras sent to client except for group updates
Readd player to battleground after a login
ArgentTournament: improve training dummy script. Now the ranged and charge target dummies will cast their spells and behave correctly for the related quests
Implemented Argent Squire/Gruntling and Argent Pony Bridle
Implement Pit of Saron Cavern event
Fix group loot if player loot recipient disconnects
Furious Attacks
Spell Inferno, used by boss Baron Geddon
Decahedral Dwarven Dice and Worn Troll Dice
Fix Hand of Salvation breaking invisibility
Fix Blood Tap activation when Blood Rune is in cooldown as Death Rune
Fixed Eclipse after recent proc cooldown changes
Restore old pet values after dismount
Searing Wrath's chain jump targeting
Warrior, fixed bladestorm aura remove due to weapon swap
Fix issue with Illumination talen
Apply Salve / Sickly Critter Aura
Renewed Hope internal CD
Fixed all cases of spells that crash the client when pressing ESC after being cast
Add summon unholy mount visual
Fix eviscerate AP coefficient, should be fixed, not random
Fix pet at rest distance
Fix ghost players water walking visual bug
Use serverside spells for Pursuit of Justice - Fixes the mounted movement speed increase part of the talent.
Allow use of ground mounts while swimming
spell "Wretched Tap" can only be cast by creature "Wretched Urchin".
Sheath of Light should add remaining ticks to healing done when refreshed
Fix Roar of Sacrifice damage
Abyssal Shatter should have a chance to skill up
Make Risen Ghoul and Bloodworms no longer suicidally charge into not-yet-engaged mob packs
Fixed spells like Shadowform, Tricks of the Trade, Misdirection getting stuck in unusable state clientside if they failed earlier because of GCD
Move Missile Barrage, Hot Streak and Brain Freeze mage talents to proc system. Also implement T8 4P Bonus.
Fix Bullheaded immunities
Workaround cobra strikes into a charged aura instead of stacked.
Put alliance/horde versions of Reigns of the Grand War Mammoth (VOA) into seperate loot groups so chance for drop is actually 1% rather than been 1% chance of reference loot been called then been a 50/50 chance of which factions mount dropped which in fact reduced chance to 0.5% as if opposite factions dropped then not visible
Fix quest Condition to loot item "Vrykul Scroll of Ascension
Reduce dropped quantity for item "Ravasaur Pheromone Gland"
Add condition target for spell cast by item "Zorbin's Ultra-Shrinker
item "Primed Key Mold" should not be droppable by any NPC
Fixed Waterlogged Recipe loot.
Fix chance for contents of item "Fireproof Satchel"
Fix drop chance for quest item "Burning Legion Gate Key"
Fix text for item "Verna's Westfall Stew Recipe"
Fix text for item "Lewis' Note"
Fix text for item "A Letter to Grelin Whitebeard"
Add missing localization for item "Bamboo Cage Key"
Fix text in Rune-Inscribed Parchment
Instant Statue Pedestal
Items 'Silithid Egg', 'Lorgalis Manuscript', 'Broken Tears' AND 'Spotted Hippogryph Down' should not be dropped by creatures
Tailoring's bolts should not drop from any creature
fix drop conditions and chance for item "Cracked Silithid Carapace"
increase drop chance for item "Tender Strider Meat"
Reduce drop chance for many white items
Remove wrong loot for item 'Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight'
Fix Pristine Glowbear Pelt disenchant
Fix drop chance and quantity for Rough/Coarse Stone and Copper/Tin ore from mining veins.
Add chance for swift thistle to drop to the other version of Mageroyal and Briarthorn which current does not have chance to drop swiftthistle as there is two of each but only one had chance even though according to wowhead.
Add missing TCG loot from Landro's Pet Box & Gift Box
Do not display "lootable" sparkles for player even if others in the group still have quest items to be looted from creature.
Set minimum required fishing skill level for Wintergrasp
Update fishing skill regardless of success or failure (junk items fished)
Add dance animation to a few murloc pets
Add Argent Tournament mail sent when reaching level 77
Kilix the Unraveler event SAI
The Valiant's Challenge - Make the Argent Champion set data on squire danny by creature guid instead of closest creature to prevent credit not being given is player is too far away from squire danny.
Add civillian flags to Wastewalker Captive to prevent these non selectable caged npcs from attacking players.
Shattered Necklace should have possibility to drop for both factions (not just horde) the item is required for a quest for horde players but starts a different quest which horde cant even accept for alliance.
Update to conditions for Zombiefest as previous conditions appear to have stopped working correctly
Update for Dark Subjugator to prevent these becoming bugged, also correct unit flags for the sentrys to prevent these from agroing player if too close and dropping immune subjugator if killed
Fixed missing localization for Deathknell signs
Close "Cage Door" (STV)
Add missing Obsidian Sanctum's Twilight Portals
Fix Forge in Telaar
Add a missing spawn for Pure Saronite Deposit and fix spawnmask and respawn time
Add immunity to Proto-Drake Egg
Improve AHBot seller math

We're no longer heroes.

Let's look back at vanilla

We're no longer heroes.
I'm not talking about quests, or the way important NPC talk about us. I'm talking about what we contributed to the community.
Let's look back at vanilla and see what made us heroes.
It was the small things; like in the case of Bob. 
Bob was a decent player, he didn't have enough time to pvp to get to high warlord, or enough time to raid hardcore in a BWL guild. But he had other qualities that made him needed on the server. Bob had the ring to open the UBRS door, and made him essential for many parties. This played out in Bob's favour, since blue gear was actually good back then, and he wanted the Draconian Deflector from the final boss in UBRS. He was a hero to the raid group, because not only could he open the door, he was also be able to summon a dragon during the Rend fight, which was always met with "Wow, that's cool" from players that hadn't seen it before. And even when Bob got all the gear, he could still earn gold (1 gold coin per raid member) to be summoned and open the door. Even if it was just for opening a door, and not being part of the instance, Bob was still a hero, because Bob had taken the time to do this long quest.
Or Jane. Jane was also a hero for a different reason. Jane got lucky and got the Blacksmith plans for Lionheart helm. That's a super rare blacksmith plan, and a helmet almost every warrior sought after. Now Jane could make it for others, and the warriors would have an unofficial quest themselves, gathering the materials, alone or with the help of their guild to get a helmet that would mean a world of difference for their dps. Jane's lucky drop, was a great benefit for the entire server.
We also had Joe. The pvp king. Joe had a lot of spare time for whatever reason. So Joe used that to pvp a lot, and become one of the highest ranking pvper in the server. When Joe was in your match, you were sure to win or at least give the other faction a bloody nose and a hard won victory. Healers would start healing Joe, without being told and the rest would assist him. Joe made the day there. His high ranking allowed him to buy amazing epic (back when epic deserved to be called epic) gear that made him stand out. Joe eventually made pvp videos, and became a small legend on the server. He'd had his detractors, calling him a no lifer, but those were far and in between. Most would compliment him on his cool armourset, or his title.
Then there was Jill. Jill was one GM out of many, who ran a large social guild. That guild because of the community feel of the server, felt like a family. Always someone to help each other out. Hell it wasn't too far off, that people would donate money or items to each to help a guildie out. Eventually some would leave to join a raiding guild, but it was always with a nice heartfelt goodbye message before leaving. Jill also made sure that trolls or nasty players were not tolerated in the guild. Someone who ninja looted a lot would be booted, and people would know who was the ninja looter. In Jill's guild you could be sure you could always find someone to do Wailing Caverns with you.
Jack and his hardcore raiding guild. They were viewed as heroes too, for wearing exotic never before seen tier 2 armour. Downing dragons and conquering a very hard raid for many (remember it was 40man back then). To join Jack's guild was a big stepping stone. That meant you had to be a good player in your previous guild, not one of the many who slacked in Molten Core. A trial run in Scholomance, or in Stratholme would be done, to see how you played. If you understood your class, and you if you performed well, Jack and his guild would make sure you got the gear needed from Molten Core so you could pull your weight in BWL without having to worry about your lack of DPS, or Healing.
Sometimes Jack and his friends would join a pvp match too, and their exotic armour would win the matches in a premade or turn the tide in the hour long AV matches.
Almost all of us had a role, small or big. We worked together, and the lack of dungeon finder or other looking for group tools, made our communities feel special and tight knit. Today? Nothing. Unless you're in a good guild, you're stuck with pugs and part of the great machine where we just join a dungeon/raid no one says anything and then you leave.. it's cold, and soulless, and the garrison's doesn't help either.
Professions don't have the prestige anymore either. Why gather materials for something, when you can just grind a bit of pvp or pve, or do dailies in a zone, and boom you have an item better than what a blacksmith or a leatherworker can make.
No attunement, or special items required for dungeons. No difficult quests either that required hunters for example to speak to each other, on how other hunters did it.
WoW has become... sterile. We're no longer heroes in our own right, we're just part of a machine and we're replaceable.
Let us become heroes again. Let our servers become communities again.
Thank you for reading.
Author: Demirgen