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EVOWOW Фиксове и промени

Сървърът ни беше успешно обновен снощи с последните подобрения от TrinityCore.
Направени са множество промени по задачите, мобовете, зони, инстанции и магии. Също така, много скриптнати NPC-та и обновен дроп шанс на някои предмети.
Ето и списък на промените:
--- DB/Quests ---
Fixes certain situations in which the quest window would get stuck after completing a quest.
Add missing quest text. An Unholy Alliance.
Show actual player name in reward text. Q: Grimtotem Spying.
Fix The Prodigal Lich Returns is missing its end even.
Fixed seasonal quest chains and ability to complete the same quests rewarded in past.
Various quest system fixes (seasonal quests, timed quests and more)
* Update area dependent auras on quest status change (they often requires specific quest status)
* Send all not stored quest rewards by mail
* When casting quest reward spell, check if it is not self casted, if so - use player to cast this spell
* Perform full db save on quest reward to prevent data desynchronization
* Don't allow to fail completed timed quests, except for quests which are completed right from the start
* Don't allow to share pooled quests, if they are not available in the current pool (eg sharing easy dalaran weeklies, stored at alt character)
* Remove seasonal quest if rewarded quest is removed.
* Don't complete the whole quest on AreaExplore event, check if there are no more requirements that should be fulfilled.
* Quests with flag QUEST_SPECIAL_FLAGS_PLAYER_KILL can be only credited in quest zone
Fix Guarded Thunderbrew Barrel / Distracting Jarven
Fix Blowing Hodir's Horn requirement
Sons of Hodir Gameobject quest givers Visibility
Improvements for Scalding Mornbrew Delivery
Event for The Absent Minded Prospector part 4
The Masters Touch and Cultists Among Us requirements fix
Add missing emotes for Tirisfal Glades quests.
Finish Me! requirements fix.
Celestial Planetarium access quests
Celestial Planetarium access heroic requirements
Update/Fix Battle of Hillsbrad
Death From Below - Show actual player race in Reward
Stone Is Better than Cloth - use actual player name
The Crimson Courier (14350) - add missing text
Stay mounted on Infected Kodo Beast in all 4 intended Borean Tundra zones
Add Surveying the Ruins, A Boaring Time for Grulloc, In A Scrap With The Legion, Sabotage the Warp-Gate! and Invaluable Asset Zapping quests missing RewardText
You, Robot (10248): missing progress text + partial RewardText
A Haunted History (10624): add missing progress & reward text
--- DB/SAI ---
A Righteous Sermon - Fix bad target for script for move to the position which was using target 1 instead of 8 which was causing npc to walk through the wall and disappear on quest accept.
Tormenting the softknuckles - Fix script so that if player does not successfully kill the hardknuckle matriach it does not remain hostile as an invisible mob to players doing damage to players who get in agro range.
Add missing charmed flags to blight geists which is required for when they are charmed as part of it roll's downhill.
Fix Matis the Cruel.
The Demoniac Scryer (Update) - Changes to script so that credit is only given at end of event rather than after first wave of mobs due to timer aura been removed on evade.
Wrangle some Aether Rays - Fix Aether Rays! doesn't count for completion.
Fix Wind Trader Marid. Troublesome Distractions - missing event
Cosmetic improvements to Deeprun Tram zone.
Magister Idonis and Arcanist Janeda Event
Fix Thrallmar Grunt event text
--- DB/Creatures ---
Add missing Spirit Healers - All graveyards are checked.
Fix Caer Darrow ghost citizen NPCs missing.
Fix Hargin Mundar out of combat talk.
FIx event for NPC R-3D0 in Blade's Edge Mountains
Fix RP event for Dame Auriferous, High Executor Mavren, Advisor Valwyand Deathstalker Maltendis in Tranquillien
Update Fizzles.
Time Watchers. The npc will despawn at the end of the mini event and respawn later in a correct position
Fix Arcatraz Sentinel & Destroyed Sentinel
Fix Fallen Earthen Warrior
Blightguard spawns.
Remove double spawns from Death Knights area
Fix invalid equipment on Caynrus
Creatures should no longer get stuck in evade mode following a target if a spell hits the creature just as it's entering evade mode.
Add some Ziggurat Defender spawns
Fix some spawns on Borean Tundra
Add some missing spawns in Sholazar Basin
Add some missing Beryl Mage Hunter
Add some missing spawns in Voltarus
Fix Necro Overlord Mezhen
Fix Serfex the Reaver pooling
Fix North Sea Kraken Pooling
Marauding Geist spawns
Fix Hearthsinger Forresten
Crystalforge Bunny
Tivax the Breaker pooling.
Remove Dup spawn of Overseer Faedris
Add some missing spawns in Deathforge
Fix Farmer Saldean
Add missing spawns in Wintergarde Mausoleum
Fix Zem Leeward, Lil Timmy, Tosamina, Verna Furlbrow, Farmer Furlbrow, Althea Ebonlocke, Lord Ello Ebonlocke, Councilman Millstipe, Hogan Ference, Defias Messenger and Madame Eva creatures AI/Text.
Fix Risen Archmage positions on Valithria 25 modes
--- DB/Gossip ---
Update Maddix and Alieshor
Cosmetic fixes related to quest Underlight Ore Samples
Add Missing menu texts for some NPCs in Sunstrider Isle
--- DB/GameObjects ---
Add missing gobs for map 450, 560, 329 - Mostly chairs and random stuff
Add a missing cosmetic Yellow Teleport
Add missing spawn of The Alliance of Lordaeron
Add some missing mailboxes in Undercity
--- DB/Spells ---
Fixed spell range of Flush Pipe (Dalaran Sewers Knockback)
Fixed Paladin T8 Holy 2P Bonus proc
Fix Deep Freeze proc.
Fixed Focused Attacks proc with Mutilate
Prevent Vile Gas (H Rotface version) from hitting non-players.
Fixed proc of Righteous Vengeance with Judgements
Fixed Guarded by the Light proc with Judgements
Fixed Winter's Chill proccing in full absorb
-- DB/Misc ---
Ragefire Chasm - Formation and Waypoint Rework
Icecrown Citadel entrance spawns and event
Abjurist Belmara, Cohlien Frostweaver, Conjurer Luminrath and Battle-Mage Dathric each should become neutral to players once there associated quest is rewarded
--- Core/Misc ---
Implemented manager for petitions to perform all petition related tasks and synchronize data with the database.
Fixed fall damage when teleporting together with transport
Always set flight state change packets for players, even if their latest MovementInfo doesn't indicate it's needed (the MI might be outdated). Fixes a player flight exploit
--- Core/Quests ---
Allow to share already completed (but not rewarded) quests, the restriction was unblizzlike.
Display quest objective explore completion message. Game client should show an on-screen message for explored quest objectives (AreaExploredOrEventHappens) when the objective has been completed.
Prevent an issue causing quests to become invisible upon relog
Fixed order of RewardChoiceItems and reputation reward.
--- Core/Unit ---
Fix SPELL_AURA_MOD_DAMAGE_DONE damage calculation on non-mele schools.
Fix a whole set of possible infinite loop crashes in SAI (events triggering themselves even with cooldown set)
--- Core/Spell ---
Implement pvp trinket immunity against Judgement of Justice
Refactor setting spell info corrections to report errors about spells that no longer exist.
Change the radius of PBAoEs following the feedback.
in case of immunity, check all effects to choose correct procFlags, as none has technically hit.
Allows Dispersion and Barkskin to be used under death coil.
Allows Dispersion under Freeze (stun by hunter trap)
Fix weird DBC data for Elixir of Detect Undead
Fix some spells that shouldn't allow stealth or invisibility.
* Touch of Zanzil
* Glowing Blood
* Lambent Blood
* Vibrant Blood
* Black Blood
* Perpetual Instability
Allow bosses to receive KnockBack under certain conditions.
Fix Piercing Shot dot clipping - Hunter.
Fixed range issue with Killing Spree.
Fix T10 Melee 4P Bonus - Warrior.
Extend combo point system to all Units and fix numerous quirks with rogue CP and vehicles (Malygos P3). Implement Wolverine Bite
Combustion will now properly go on cooldown when the buff is manually cancelled.
Fix Krick's Pursuit ability
--- Core/Scripts ---
Ulduar Initial implementation of the Thorim Encounter. Special thanks to: chaodhib for the blizzard trigger waypoints and investigation on spell radius and Malcrom for creating the Conditions Creator
* Fixed stormhammer casting and visuals
* Fixed spell credits
* Implemented removal of Impale when HP is higher than 90%
* Corrected faction templates for the pre combat creatures
* Implemeted Leap on the arena adds (thanks to joschiwald for implementing conditions)
* Scripted lighting charge using AuraScript periodic
* Fixed timings
* Corrections on the hallway encounters (added knockback immunity to minibosses too)
* Fixed multiple blizzards issue
* Lever will now reset properly, should players fail to get inside. This allows the door to be opened more than once during the combat
* Corrections in the outro event
* Implemented paralytic field traps on the hallway.
* Implemented Ancient Gate of the Keepers opening.
* Changed blizzard bunny targetting to conditions entirely.
* Removed obsolete scripts
* Standards: delete spell script names by ScriptName instead of spell_id
* Swapped factions for pre-adds (alliance should get horde trash and vs)
* Fixed Leap setting home position for adds
* Removed a bunch of magic numbers
* Runic Colossus should finish current Runic Explosion before beginning to attack
* Fixed UpdateAI logic to put it in line with other scripts (ie don't stop casts)
ICC: add missing cases for Dark Martyrdom difficulty entries how come nobody noticed this?
Ulduar: Fix a super edge case bug where Algalon would evade if his tank successfully tanked a Cosmic Smash and got knocked up. Shadow priests everywhere rejoiced.
Properly set Freya's BossState do DONE and avoid some loot exploits.
Fixed some events that not should triggered by non-players on Illidan encounter
Updated Sunwell Plateau instance model
Fix unit target is no longer missing for Talk, making Willix name the attacking unit when he shouts for help.
Simplify speech for DK races quests.
Filter out corpses from Sindragosa's Fury targetlist. This would incur in a crash after attempting to convert the Corpse object into Player
Karazhan: Fix Attumen and Midnight not moving towards each other on phase transition after latest changes
Auchindoun: Replace the Blackheart the Inciter hack-filled script with a slightly less hack-filled script that actually works.
IcecrownCitadel: Prevent players from becoming inaccessible when killed by Lord Marrowgar's Impale spell (the initial damage, not the DoT). Also fix the underlying bug in vehicle logic.
Icecrown Citadel: Fixed Lord Marrowgar - Coldflame to not ignore resistances
Razorscale Rewrite
ICC: Minor Fixes for Lich King.
* Fixed Shadow Trap and Defile Targets
* Fixed Shadow Trap Summon Delay and Duration
* Fixed Berserk Timer (15 Minutes)
* Fixed Shadow Trap Despawn when Snowstorm starts
* Fix Valkyr charge spell, they will no longer ignore Z position and become unreachable.
* Correct height of Spirit Bomb and added the 3 seconds delay on his explosion.
* Set the Trigger inside frostmourne room as active, to avoid problems with reseting the room, e.g: Spirit Bombs not despawning and Wicked Spirits stuck in evade.
* Use correct InhabitType for Wicked and Vile Spirits, this avoid a situation where they could spawn falling.
Rewrite Boss Kalecgos (Sunwell Plateau)
Naxxramas: Fix Heigan the Unclean eruption event
AzjolNerub: Fix some duplicate summons after JustAppeared changes.
--- Core/VMaps ---
Fix LoS in Strand of the Ancients
--- Core/Server ---
Proper client timeout detection.
* Properly detect client timeout when logged into a character after a configurable time (default 60s) has passed without the client sending any packets.
* Fixes issues with crashed clients leaving characters in the world for a very long time (default 15 minutes), as well as edge case exploits involving intentionally pausing client execution for some amount of time.
Prevent queueing more than one realmlist query at the same time
Dynamic Creature/Go spawning
* True blizzlike creature spawn/respawn behavior - new creature = new object
* Toggleable spawn groups (with C++/SAI/command options to use them)
* Custom feature: dynamic spawn rate scaling. Accelerates respawn rate based on players in the zone.
* Backward compatibility mode (set via group and for summons) to support creatures/gos that currently don't work well with this (this should be removed once the exceptions are fixed)
Implement database framework for managing spawn groups based on boss state.