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EVOWOW Server Updates


EVOWOW Server Updates

Нова седмица, нов ъпдейт.

Сървърът беше успешно обновен с новостите от TrinitiCore. По мое скромно мнение, има доста драстични промени по няколко инстанции.

Пренаписани са няколко райд боса, фикснати са няколко експлойта и една камара мобове и куестове.

Ето основния списък на промените:

Enable achievement 1428, "Mine Sweeper"
Implement SpellScript needed for Achievement The Turkinator
Achievement: Terokkar Turkey Time
Battleground Fixes
Duplicate Keep Cannons- Delete duplicate Keep Cannons.
Naxxramas - Thaddius follow-up
* Reduce initial spawn timer on the encounter from 30 seconds to 5 seconds
* Rearrange respawn logic to fix the "petrified" visual from not showing properly
* Fix a potential infinite respawn loop that could prevent the encounter from initializing properly.
Naxxramas - Instructor Razuvious rework
Naxxramas - Gothik the Harvester rework
Naxxramas - Four Horsemen rework
EyeOfEternity - Fix crash happening when a player would kill a Melee npc on the disks during Malygos fight and mount it before it ended the waypoint path.
Underbog Colossus - Add missing on death events, previously when killed these always cast toxic pool 
Naxxramas: Maexxna cleanup
* Improved Web Wrap target selection
* Added missing text
* Cleanup of web wrap positioning - two players will never be flung to the same position (25-man)
* Further improvement to web wrap spawn behavior - targetable web wrap now only spawns after the player has finished being flung to the respective position (blizzlike)
* Add additional web wrap positions (sniff)
Icecrown Citadel: Professor Putricide - fixed Expunged Gas damage formula
Shadowmoon Valley: Dragonmaw Peon -  Fixes issue where NPC does not attack, even when aggro'd.
Complete rewrite of the boundary system.
* Migrate boundary logic to Maps/AreaBoundary instead of having it sit in InstanceScript (to possibly allow use for other purposes).
* Implement the first five boundary types in Maps/AreaBoundary.cpp.
* Add boundary checks to Creature's update logic
* Add boundary data for all Northrend raids
* Add boundary initialization structures and methods to InstanceScript
* Modify EnterEvadeMode signature. It now passes a value from the EvadeReason enum as parameter to allow special casing depending on evade reason
* Remove previous (weird) boundary code that had them linked to GO spawns
The Temple of Atal'Hakkar - Add waypoints for Hazzas & make Morphaz follow him
Change door ID in Blackwing Lair - Change the name as well.
Black Temple
* Add formations for Aquesous Lord & Coilskar Sea-Caller
* Add Aqueous Spawn, Bonechewer Taskmaster & Dragonmaw Wyrmcaller paths and formations
* Update Aqueous Spawn spawn distance and movement type so they randomly roam around
Quests Fixes
Add sounds for the quest Last Rites
Fix Seal of Ascension (quest chain for Upper Blackrock Spire)
Tomb of the Lightbringer
The Might of Kalimdor
Hot and Cold
Prisoner of the Bladespire
Creatures of the Eco-Domes
Fel Reavers, No Thanks!
Gorgrom the Dragon-Eater
Restore deleted sql for Anatoly Will Talk
Great Bear Spirit
Return to the Earth
The Air Stands Still
Add missing text for Horns of Nez'ra
The Stories Dead Men Tell
An Undead's Best Friend
Master and Servant
Betrayal - Fix "Blight Fog" cast behavior. Fix "Throw Blight Crystal" cast timing
Victorious Challenger - This npc should not be hostile unless spoken for via gosip to fight for quest
Call to Arms: The Plaguelands/Scarlet Diversions - All versions of this quest are meant to be optional breadcrumb quests to lead players to the bulwark to quest in Western Plaguelands, previously on tc you could not continue chain unless breadcrumb was taken first.
The Ravaged Caravan - fix NPC Coords.
Add Stealth Detection for Steamvaults Creatures
Terrorclaw Reputation on kill reputation
Nether Gas In a Fel Fire Engine - 
Fixed Creatures
Franclorn Forgewright - Make the npc visible only for dead players. Remove the SAI and move the aura to Creature addon
Imprisoned Beryl Sorcerer - Add missing emote state. Move the credit quest on the 5th hit instead of the 7th one
Add Magic immunity to Mana Feeders
Remove Hover mode for Agent Kearnen
Delete multiple duplicate spawns.
Fix multiple creatures in wrong phases
Remove skinloot from Critters
Gubber Blump - Add gossip option to learn fishing if the quest 1141 is taken an fishing is not learned
Grizzly Bear
Sulaa Waypointscript
Spawn Forlorn Soul
Fix Tournament Druid Spell Target visibility
Fix spawn position and equipment for Coilfang Engineers
Fix InhabitType for Ash'ari Crystals
William Kielar SAI
Ethereal Spellfilcher and Ethereal Thief SAI
Add William Kielor SAI
Fix Wretched Captive Orientation
Correct Orbaz Bloodbane creature text
Vyragosa - Fix linked pool spawn. Fix respawn time to be 6h (instead of current 25sec)
Migrate Skyguard Handler Irena to SAI
Sholazar Guardians updated.
Migrate Skyguard Handler Deesak to SmartAI
Migrate Wing Commander Dabir'ee to SAI
Wyrmcaller Vile - Add missing spawns and scripts for visual stuff
Skyguard Handler/Skyguard Nether Ray Waypoint
Harvest Collector SAI
Bro'Gaz the Clanless - Add spawns, pooling and SAI
Spawns of Ethereum Jailor.
Update MovementType of Shadow of Thel'zan the Duskbringer
Add pooling for Ethereum Jailor
Risen Wintergarde Miner & Risen Wintergarde Defender - Delete all existing spawns & respawn both npc's. Pathing added to Risen Wintergarde Defender. Miner still needs SAI!
Fix Coilfang Scale-Healer spamming 'Heal'
Neltharion's Flame - rewrite Rothin the Decaying script and add some missing visuals and other stuff
Kaya Flathoof texts.
Fordragon Battle Steed
Landen Stilwell SAI
Battleguard Sartura - Fix the BaseAttackTime
High Priestess Jeklik - Fixed movement stood on the site.
Add gossip menu for Magistrate Bluntnose
Add missing npc text to Lorrin Foxfire
Blade of Argus in Bloodmyst Isle waipoints.
Show destroy animation for creatures and totems.
Fixed quest sharing and party accept quests
Flying vehicles able to fly again
Remove redundant script npc_anchorite_truuen
Fix crash related to vehicles
Fixed Weapon Skillup on low level mobs
Instance handling follow-up - Fix a bug where a player could maintain a conflicting non-perm solo bind if they were in the instance when invited to group. If a group is created while the leader is in an instance that nobody is bound to, the group will take over the instance and bind to it. This stops the homebind timer when reforming group after disconnects and the like.
Creature spellcast facing rework
* Fixes creatures turning just before a spellcast finishes and smacking players with supposedly-unavoidable damage.
* Fixes visual effects not lining up with the correct target for spells that have their visual aligned with the caster's orientation (examples: Anub'rekhan Impale, Ingvar's Smash/Dark Smash, etc.).
* Creatures' displayed target now properly matches the unit they are targeting with spells for a split second (blizzlike). This is necessary to get proper client-side orientation.
Fixed Raise Ally
Fixed Enrage armor reduce part
Fix Arcane Missiles
Fixed passibe talent auras targeting pets instead of player
Hallow's End item Hallowed Wand
Correctly reset the redirected threat of the hunter's spell Misdirection.
Fixed possible exploit in Duel Reset script
Penance: If hostile target is not in front, now fails in the initial cast rather than the triggered cast, thus not erroneously causing a cooldown.
Fix spell target for Leave Our Mark quest item
FIx Spell Shades do not use aura "Phasing Invisibility"
Fixed Beacon of Light not healing pet.
Ignore category cooldowns for triggered spells - This fixes weird issues where triggered spell fails because it has the same category as the spell triggering it.
Fixed a possible crash with soulbound tradable items
Few cosmetic fixes for Black Wing Lair
Add missing waypoint & spawns for Exodar Peace Keepers & Worker (could use some SAI scripting)
Add a despawn action for npcs involved on "From Their Corpses, Rise!"
Game_tele to Emerald Dream
Migrate specially scripted taxi NPC's to SmartAI
Add condition to sunwell-blade spell to target only Dar'Khan Drathir
Add all remaining Feast of Winter Veil spawns in whole Outland and Dalaran
Fix a levelling Exploit
Fix Skinning Loot for Mottled Boar and Scorpid Worker
Fix Arena Treasure Chest spawning position
Completion script for Delivery to Krenna
Fix an issue with creatures' channeled spells not cancelling properly in certain conditions
Add missing Feast of Winter Veil spawns in Eastern Kingdoms
Add missing Feast of Winter Veil spawns in Silvermoon
Add missing Feast of Winter Veil spawns in Azuremyst Isle
Add missing Dirt mound spawn
Fixed an issue where traps were not redirected to Grounding Totem
Flight Master SAI - Use proper spells to summon enraged wyverns, gryphons, hippogryphs and felbats instead of directly summoning with SAI action 12, also remove second line of all scripts as all of these used 2 lines of sai to summon two npcs on agro, the spells summon 2 in one cast so only one line needed.
Improved Auction house deposit handling
AuctionHouseSeller to have item class level stack control

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Здравейте скъпи приятели.
Бих искал да Ви уведомя, че от този момент 17 Декември 2015 до 10 Януари 2016 година, обявявам ежегодната ни промоция на Donate Points. Както миналата, така и тази, промоцията е бонус 100% за всяка закупена точка.
Също така, от ДАНС ни върнаха ни форума цял целеничък. възстановил съм го изцяло както е бил преди.
Накрая бих искам да Ви пожелая:
Всички да сте здрави.
Щастието винаги да изпълва душата Ви.
Упоритостта да е ваш другар във всяко начинание.
Усмивката да не слиза от лицата Ви, въпреки трудностите, които срещате.
Късметът да Ви спохожда, точно когато имате нужда от него.
Любовта да топли сърцето Ви.
Весели празници.
Аааа и нека силата бъде с Вас ;)

EVOWOW Server Updates


EVOWOW Server Updates


Поради липсата на особен интерес към WoD реалм-a, го спирам за неопределен период. Страницата за регистрация няма да бъде достъпна както и самия сървър.

Основния ни реалм си остава в действие, както си е бил до сега. Поддръжката му няма да се спира. Също така, снощи се извърши ъпдейт с последните новости на Trinity. Ето и списъка с промени:

Save The Day
Enable achievement The Culling of Time
Friend or Fowl Achievement
He Feeds On Your Tears
Creature Movement
Stratholme - The Gauntlet
Stratholme - Hall of Light
Stratholme - Patchwork Horror
Stratholme - King's Square
Naxxramas pathing
Add Dragonmaw Transporter paths
Azuremyst Isle pathing
Fix Artificer Daelo path
Anub'ar Warrior pathing
Pathing for Molten Core
Azuremyst Isle Pathin Updates
Pathing for few rats in Dalaran
Onyxia's Lair pathing
Battleground Fixes
"Call to Arms: Isle of Conquest!" not giving Holiday Weekend honor
implment even BG teams configuration
Implement deserters tracker feature
Ulduar: fixed hodir kill credit
VioletHold: rewrote the whole instance
OnyxiasLair: Force Onyxia to enter evade mode if pulled out of her room.
MoltenCore: Disable Ragnaros' combat movement
The Eye instance updates
* Pathing for Phoenix-Hawk, Crystalcore Devastator, Astromancer Lord, Nether Scryer
* Delete & Correcting some npc's locations, formations..
* Update Kael'thas Sunstrider's script
VioletHold: Fix correct boss erekem repeat time interval
VioletHold: Fix crash in Xevozz boss fight
Ulduar: fixed sara get killed by guardians of yogg saron
Naxxramas: Sapphiron
* Sapphiron will now properly re-engage if the previous attempt ended while he was in flight.
* Sapphiron will now properly be hovering while in the air phase instead of standing idly on the ground.
* Move Frost Resistance achievement check from custom script to spell 60539 (Sapphiron Achievement Check)
Naxxramas: Patchwerk
* Hateful Strike can only target the highest 1 (10m)/ 2 (25m) threat targets that aren't the current target. Out of these targets, Hateful Strike hits the highest current HP target
* Hateful Strike now properly adds threat to all targets eligible for it, plus the current target if it is in melee range. Actual threat amount is not from sniffs - please update this if you have conclusive retail data.
Naxxramas: Fixed an incorrect spellid for Naxx10 Hateful Strike.
Scripts for Ring of the law encounter in Black Rock Depths
Naxxramas: Adjustments to the Loatheb encounter
* Adjusted doom cast timings as per boss mod timers.
* Add Deathbloom's final tick using spellscript
* Move Spores' Fungal Creep cast handling to Loatheb's cpp instead of handling it in SmartAI
* Fungal Creep should also be cast if the spore expires (important for Spore Loser achievement)
* Remove Fungal Creep from players on reset to avoid cheesy strats
Naxxramas: Heigan
* NearTeleportTo hack -> proper spell with DB coordinates
* Add boss emotes
* Some code streamlining using event phases and IN_MILLISECONDS instead of large constants
* Improvement to eruption hitbox and delimiters to match retail layout more closely
* Spell timers adjusted from sniffs
ICC: moved saurfang gossips to db
Naxxramas: Loatheb follow-up - Fix Deathbloom (for real this time)
Naxxramas: Bugfixes to the Noth encounter.
* Added missing raid boss emotes
* Fixed an issue where Noth would stand idly after blinking if his current target stood still
* Fixed some reset edge cases
* Prevent Noth from dying during Balcony phase
* Fix targeting of 25-man Curse of the Plaguebringer (now has 8 targets, down from 10)
* Fix balcony/ground phase durations to be blizzlike
* Fix an issue where summoned mobs would sometimes not be aggroed automatically
* Get rid of ugly millisecond values in favor of seconds times constant
* Moved the chance to yell on kill to the database
* Prevent AoE abilities from hitting Noth during the balcony phase
* General cleanup of events handling
Multiple AQ40 Fixes. Full respawn and waypoints.
Naxxramas: Faerlina cleanup
* Move greeting to areatrigger instead of MoveInLineOfSight hack
* Clean up add spawn handling to prevent various glitching with combinations of evade state and add aggro
* Ensure all adds are always pulled alongside the boss and vice versa
* Add missing texts.
* Fix a bug in the core that prevents castable-while-dead spells (such as Widow's Embrace) from appearing on possess bars.
Naxxramas - Fix the four horseman evade, doors closed.
Naxxramas: Anub'rekhan encounter cleanup
Naxxramas: Complete rewrite of the Thaddius encounter.
Quests Fixes
Mystery of the Infinite, Redux
The Ancient Armor of the Kvaldir
BoreanTundra: Fix dialog and final waypoint for quest 11570
Fix PrevQuest for Replenishing the Healing Crystals
The Brothers Bronzebeard
Therylune - Fix npc behavior
Magic Carpet Ride - Remove a wrong spell used to ride the carpet
Where Kings Walk
Warchief's Blessing
Threat from Above - Fix double credit.
The Booterang: A Cure For The Common Worthless Peon
Forging a Head - Attempts to salvage Stormforged Eyes from an Iron Giant's corpse will provide 2 Stormforged Eyes or will spawn 3 Iron Dwarfs.
Freedom for all creatures
Fix credit for Infiltrating Dragonmaw Fortress
Generosity Abounds - Add condition for the spell Iron Chain. Add cosmetic Exploding Abomination and fix visual issues.
Take Down Tethyr! - This will turn the kraken active once summoned until the waypoint is ended.
Anatoly Will Talk
Updates for Argent Tournament Quests:
* add visual for The Light's Mercy
* On Agro text for Mistcaller Yngcar
* Correct Defend spell for Boneguard Lieutenant
The Nightmare Manifests - Fix some issues: InhabitType, Hover during the combat, and Eranikus will no longer be attackable before the phase 2
IcecrownCitadel: Quest 'Blood Quickening' - Add Killcredit in 25ManRaid
Orbaz Bloodbane - Gossip option
Grethok the Controller - Add text on Death
The Thane of Voldrune
The Dead Rise!
Fixed Creatures
Missing spell target conditions for Kael'thas advisor Ressurection spell
Fixed Seeping Essence does not deal damage on 10man difficulty
Remove a Duplicate spawn for Overseer Deathgaze
Add a cosmetic channeling spell for Decrepit Necromancer and remove a wrong emote.
Kvaldir Raider SAI
Disable health regen for Guard Roberts
Skyguard Scout - Add cosmetic mount
Blue Crashin' Thrashin' Racer and Crashin' Thrashin' Racer - Add missing auras and a spell.
Argent Cannon - Add the regen mana on spell casted, and set initial mana to 0.
Add Lady Medley Crew
Update Stable Masters
Fix some creature formations
North Sea Kraken - A blizzlike script, only condition for the spell Flaming Spear and Tooth Explosion must be done once the condition (In Taxi) is implemented.
Sha'tari Skyguard Texts - Missing texts for a number of npcs for players exhalted wit the Sha'tari skyguard also texts for return of bombing run / bomb them again.
Fix Thomas Miller's text
Fix HoS formations
Dragonmaw Subjugator & Dragonmaw Shaman - Also delete some npc's that shouldn't be there.
Niffelem Frost Giant and Frostworg - Remove wrong spawns and add vehicle accessories
Brunnhildar Prisoner react state.
Add missing aura to Dead Frost Giant and Frostworg Carcass, and remove random movements
React state for Brunnhildar Warbear,  Frostworg and Niffelem Frost Giant, and add SAI scripts.
Add channeling cosmetic spell for Shadow Channeler
Iceskin Sentry - Add missing aura. Fix movements and react.
Eversong Ranger
Murloc Scout
Argent Confessor Paletress
Hrothgar Landing Fixups
Npcflag for High Overlord Saurfang and Muradin Bronzebeard
Salanar the Horseman, Into the Realm of Shadows
Spirit of Olum - Move the script to the DB. Fix conditions for the teleportation. Add the missing teleportation to the Chamber of Command. Fix gossip text.
Sheddle Glossgleam Event
Spire Frostwyrm - Add Spire Frostwyrm spawns and scripts in Icecrown Citadel
Nerub'ar Broodkeeper - Add visual Web Beam on aggro. Fix creature addon for 25 mode. Fix InhabitType issue after landing
Innkeeper Boorand Plainswind - add gossip.
Dalaran Mages - Add Emotescripts
Vekniss Hive Crawler
Lava Surger pathing.
Thistle Boar - Skinning Loot
Small Crag Boar - Remove invalid skinning Loot
Young Thistle Boar - Skinning Loot
Gryphoneer Leafbeard - Gossip
Add missing npcs in Dalaran
Fix spawnMask for Spire Frostwyrm
Cenarion Circle Reputation
Zul'Farrak - Disable Movement for Trolls after Death
Fallen Hero's Spirit SAI
Knot Thimblejack - gordok ogre suit learned using gossip option instead of on gossip hello. Script for Free Knot including making it so quest can only be returned once per run.
Fix Spell Click for Dead Mage Hunter
Real texts and sounds ids for Headless Horseman
Fix movement type for Thomas Yance
Apexis Flayer SAI
Remove wrong spawns and add triggers npcs for future events on Icecrown Airships
Improve rest state handling, allow several rest states to be activ
Prevent AoE damage to have effect in some cases when faction is unfriendly but they don't attack you and you don't have at war enabled (Example, Sporaggar faction)
Dungeon Finder: Remove disconnected players from LFG queue. Fix LFG queue issues by removing disconnected players from LFG queue and their party with them.
Dungeon Finder: Add LFG roles of group members in LFG logs
Dungeon Finder: Fix groups queuing
Allow mounting while under transformations that can be cast while mounted.
Fix crash happening when using items to cast spells - 
Changed multi-segment taxi paths to fly nearby flight masters along the way, not directly through them
Combat with distant creatures. Iterate creatures in combat with players during map update, and also visit their cells if greater than player visibility distance away.
Player-summoned creature damage counts towards quest credit
Rooted vehicle movement - Corrects issue where certain combinations of actions would cause vehicles (usually cannons/artillary) that should be rooted, to be fully movable.
Gem Perfection implemented:
* Add new DB table `skill_perfect_item_template` that holds information about "perfect" crafts that replace the normal result
* Implement this new DB table into core.
* Add data about perfect crafts to new DB table
* Add reload capability to this new table (latch onto skill_extra_item_template to avoid changing command IDs)
Fix not being able to do seasonal quests(if already done in the past)
Fixed automatic learning skills gained from learning spells when leveling.
Shattered Barrier triggering on dispel
Potions exploit (Fix an exploit that allowed to consume different potions even if they share the same cooldown.)
Add missing visual spell in Gortok Palehoof encounter
Fix Spells Mortar and Fire Cannon hitting friends.
Link Fear to Charge used by Spectral Chargers in Karazhan
Improved spell category cooldown handling
Fixed Raise Dead cooldown
Add a missing item to loot of Bag of Fishing Treasures
Comet's Trail - Fix internal cooldown
Girdle of the Warrior Magi - Fix socket bonus
Netherwing Relic - Should have 100% chance to drop from dragonmaw transporter if player is on quest.
Sylvanas Music Box
Meteorite Crystal Trinket
Add missing spawns on Howling Fjord. Improve some vehicles behavior. Improve some SAI.
Move some wotlk spawns to proper range
Fix Crazed Mana Surge casting Loose Mana on death
Add some missing spawns to Ghostlands
Add SAI to Drakuru Raptor to fix vehicle behavior
Add animation for Steam Burst
Add Equipments for 7th Legion Infantryman
Add a missing aura for Risen Gryphon Rider
Add missing gossips for Karazhan's npcs.
Add missing gossips to Garrosh Hellscream
Page text: Saga of the Sin'dorei
Add missing text for Lore Keeper of Norgannon
Add missing gossip option text for Brassbolt Mechawrench and Reginald Arcfire. Replace vendor of the brewfest condition by achievement instead of quest.
Event: Day of the Dead
* Spawn all event creatures and gos.
* Respawn creature spawns as some of these where found to be incorrect positions
* Spawn all the missing gos for this event.
Fix doors being clickable in the Tempest Keep.
Gordok Courtyard Door
Add few missing Molten Core Gameobjects
Add some missing objects on Eversong Woods
Fix AHBot Buyer to stop counting own auctions

EVOWOW Server Updates


EVOWOW Server Updates


От доста време насам не ме свърта една работа и взех, че я свърших тази вечер.

Обнових WOTLK сървърът с последните новости на Trinity. Ето и списъка с промени:

Creature Movement Fixes
Howling Fjord
* Whisper Gulch, Wyrmskol, Baleheim, Gjalerbron, Dereleict Strand, Giants Run, Ivalds Ruin, Niffelvar, Bealgun + Agamand
* New Hearthglen + Dragon Wastes, Moa'ki Harbor + Azure Dragonshrine, Woods of Lothalor + Indu'le Village + Moonrest Gardens
* Moonrest Gardens (West) + Dragonblight (Spider Corner) + Westwind Refugee Camp + Icemist Village
* Icemist Village (West) + Azjol Nerub + Agmars Hammer Area + Obsidian Dragonshrine
* Coldwind Heights + The Crystal Vice
* Stars' Rest, Jortun, Scarlet Point
* Lights Trust + Jintha'kalar + Border Zone to Zul'Drak
Finish Grizzlyhills Movement
FoS/Bronjahm: fixed corrupted soul fragment
Gnomeregan: Multiply creature scripts updated
ICC/Professor Putricide - Volatile Ooze Eruption fix. Rooting should be removed before the knockback effect is cast on the player.
Auchindoun: Fix distance check in boss Shirrak
TheEye: Clean up instance script
Zul'farrak: Fixed summoning Gahz'rilla
Rework Violet Hold bosses adding missing spells/mechanics
Make achievements and loot rolls instance-wide
RubySanctum: Updates to Halion. Fix a mathematical mistake. Correctly spawn Living Embers
Oculus: Implemented Drake GPS system
VioletHold: fix a crash during Ichoron encounter
Oculus: Fix mob missing spells / visuals
Ulduar: Fix Flame Leviathan instance lock - Fix Flame Leviathan instance lock not being granted to players because they were ejected from the vehicles as soon as boss died. Players are now ejected some seconds later.
RubySanctum: Halion: Correctly spawn X-shaped flames.
Ulduar: fixed freya loot and added missing conditions
Ulduar: Fix Mimirons Rocket Strike not dealing damage in 25man mode
RubySanctum: Fixed Meteor Flames
RubySanctum: Widen random angles for meteor flames.
Quests Fixes:
Ammo for Rumbleshot - one remaining problem: the shootanimation of the cannon
Escape from the Staging Grounds
Protecting our Own (horde)
Midsummer Fire Festival
No Mere Dream
Kroshius' Infernal Core - Endevent
Test at Sea
Help Tavara
On Spirit Wings
Finish Me!
Reclusive Rune Master
The New Horde
Rivenwood Captives
Quest rewards for Kael'thas and the Verdant Sphere
Quest rewards for The Cipher of Damnation
VOA Meeting stone
Hellfire Fortifications
I've Got a Flying Machine
The Perfect Dissemblance
A Race Against Time
Master the Storm
Among the Champions and The Grand Melee
Hellfire Fortifications
Slaves to Saronite
The Challenge
Well Watcher Solanian
Into the Soulgrinder
Grizzly Hills Giant and Rallying the Troops
A Flawless Plan
Wandering Shay
Dark heart
Elemental War - Complete Quest gossip
Hints of a New Plague?
Imp Delivery
Ulathek the Traitor
Fixed Creatures:
Winterskorn Hunter - Add 2 Missing Spawns
Reinsert wrongly deleted Creatures
Sten Stoutarm, Gnome Engineer, Mountaineer Stormpike, Marshal Dughan, The Farstrider Lodge, Grizzly Hills Giant (Visual Fix), Scarlet Hound, Dragonflayer Fanatic, Forsaken Crossbowman, Remy "Two Times", Kodo Calf + Kodo Matriarch, Negaton Screamer, William and Donna, Deeprun Diver, Thrallmar grunt, Megzeg Nukklebust, Innkeeper Keldamyr, Anub'ar Ambusher, Anub'ar Cultist, Wastes Digger, Frigid Necromancer, Stable Master Xon'cha, Dark Iron Brewer, Warbringer Construct, Skettis Eviscerator
Add Stranglethorn SAIs
Delete 2 duplicate spawned mobs
Fix Demon trainers
Gundrak Savage pathing
Spawn several missing gameobjects and creatures in The Eye
Several pack of mobs and triggers spawned
Spawned doors at Kael's room
Removed improper spawns of Ember of Alar
Senani Thunderheart gossip
Fixing some spawns on The Frozen Halls entrance
Deathless Watcher - Add 'Submerged' Emote
Bloodpaw Warrior + Bloodpaw Marauder
Smoldering Skeleton Visual - add burning visual effect
Crystalline Ice Giant - Add missing 'Boulder Miss'-Emotes
ScarletEnclave: Add weapons to Unworthy Initiate
Add Spell Script Needed for quest Torch Tossing/More Torch Tossing
Fix snare/daze immunities
Fix converting quests on faction change
Fix memory leak in ".reload command"
The following stealth changes are implemented.
* Combat no longer removes stealth, only damage does
* Creatures will pursue a stealthed unit they cannot see if they're already in combat with them
* When a player is ~~3 yards~~ 8% + 1.5 yards away from the usual stealth detection distance, the creature will perform the "alerted" effect.
* When sitting/sleeping creatures are distracted or alerted, they will stand up
* Idle movement creatures will return to their original (spawn) orientation after distract/alert
* When entering combat with a distracted/alerted creature, distract state is removed
* NPC no longer have a limit to stealth visibility (granted by stealth modifier spells/buffs)
* If alert visibility is greater than aggro range, no alert sent
Invisibility - Reducing threat
Remove incorrect PvP combat state - Neither Vampiric Embrace nor Wandering Plague should keep PvP players in combat state.
Improved Devouring Plague spell direct damage
Fix Charge pathing
Curing the Sick - Add Questcredit
Fix DK Death rune selection
Fixed SPELLMOD_DOT not being applied
Knockback Effect on Flying Mount - Keep the mounted player flying after the knockback effect cast on mounted player. Before these changes, the flying mount behaves like a ground mount after the knockback. From large enough heights, the fall causes damage or death to the falling (mounted) character.
Fix resurrection exploit - Fix an exploit that allowed to resurrect even if corpse was not in range (teleport hack was required too)
Matchmaking: Fix Discard Time overflow on server start
Mark of the Fallen Champion - Heal - Targetconditions
Fix bugged amount of threat given by Taunt
Omen of Clarity - make the Omen of Clarity druid buff work as intended.
Hunter's Chimera Shot - Serpent (ID: 53353) damage should be increase by Improved Stings talent.
Fix issue with Divine Shield immunities
Fixing some auras set with a wrong event
Enhancement Shaman T10 4P bonus set
Learn death knight runeforging skill, when receving the spell book ability.
Renewed Hope also affects Flash Heal
Fix Rapid Recuperation
Magic Suppression - Set ProcCharges
Rumsey's alcohols
Sack of Ulduar Spoils / Large Sack of Ulduar Spoils
Crudely-Written Log - Dropconditions
Update Feralas for 3.3.5
Fixup evading Creatures
Grim Guzzler Area Events
The Grim Guzzler fight
Brewfest - Wrong item in vendors
Sunreaver Hawkrider in Crystalsong Forest
Silver Covenant Horseman in Crystalsong Forest/Windrunner's Overlook
Add a ton of missing gossips
Add a ton of BroadcastTextIDs
Hex of Jammal'an
Guard Slip'kik & Broken Trap - Script event for when quest A Broken Trap is turned in to allow by passing of Guard Slip kik without having to kill him.
Dire Maul Tribute stuff
* Script Mizzle the Crafty / Cho'Rush the Observer.
* Script Guard Mol'Dar, Guard Fengus and Guard Slipkik to give there buffs to a player has king of the gordoc buff
* Add missing texts and gossips to more npcs
* Script Captain Kromcrush event to allow skipping with Gordoc Ogre Suit (WP not complete)
UP - Add all Rndmemotes
Set Faction at start of escort for Corporal Keeshan
Spellcast for 'Silithyst'
Silithyst Mound
Dark Keeper Nameplate

EVOWOW: Warlords of Draenor Realm


В света на Draenor велики оркски кланове се обединяват под общо знаме. Желязната хорда покорява земите с ужасяващите си военни машини и не разчита на демонична помощ и магия. Брутална капания, чиито успехи и завоевания се постигат чрез неимоверна сила, ярост и с помощта на  оркска стомана, обединена в обща цел. Azeroth е следващата дестинация.


Имам удоволствието да Ви информирам, че от днес стартираме нов Realm: Warlords of Draenor patch 6.1.2. Този realm е бета и е пуснат с тестова цел. Всички герои и предмети в него ще бъдат временни, докато траят тестовете. Всеки нов герой ще започва от ниво 100 (instant 100) за да се намали времето и трудността на играччите, готови да експериментират.


Предупреждавам: EVOWOW не дава каквито и да било гаранции за стабилност, пълнота или точност на играта. Всичко е в момент на разработка и попълване на липсващи елементи като NPCs/Mobs/Zones Ако търсите завършеност и пълнота на геймплей - можете да използвате официалния Realm на EVOWOW WOTLK 3.3.5а.


Как да вляза в WoD Реалм-a?

За да влезете в Warlords of Draenor Realm-a:

  • Ви е необходима играта World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor версия 6.1.2 (19865) - Можете да я изтеглите цялата от този Magnet Link: EVOWOW Warlords of Draenor 6.1.2
  • Регистрирайте се тук: EVOWOW Warlords of Draenor Private Server (WoD)
  • След като играта се изтегли. Влезте в папката на играта и стартирайте Wow.exe файлът.

Ако вече имате играта изтеглена, но е конфигурирана за игра дугаде, можете лесно да я настроите за да играете при нас.

  • Направете копие на файлът Wow.exe, който се намира в играта (за всеки случай да си имате оригиналът).
  • Изтеглете този файл: Wow.exe и го поставете на мястото на оригиналния в папката на играта.
  • Влезте в папката WTF и отворете файлът
  • Намерете ред с името: SET portal
  • Променете го на: SET portal ""
  • Запишете файлът и стартирайте Wow.exe
  • Играйте.


  • Ако получавате грешки при стартирането на играта или Грешка 114
  • Изтеглете
  • Разархивираш файлът.
  • В него има папка Blizzard Entertainment
  • За Windows XP: местиш или копираш папката в C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\
  • За Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8: местиш или копираш папката в C:\ProgramData\
  • Пускаш отново играта.

Ако имате проблеми с играта, пишете в форумите на EVOWOW