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EVOWOW Server Updates


EVOWOW Server Updates

EVOWOW Server беше обновен.

Списък с промените:

Borean Tundra: Enable Texts for 'Nesingwary Trapper'
Undercity: Update Lady Sylvanas' script and also implement few missing things to Journey to Undercity's quest end event
Old Hillsbrad Asbringer Event
Kalimdor: Ashenvale - Remove Torek
Ashenvale - add missing enum
Add several waypoints to Shadowmoon Village
Shadowmoon Valley/ Netherwing Ledge - Add waypoints for Barash the Den Mother, Arvoar the Rapacious, 2x Dragonmaw Transporter. Reposition Ja'y Nosliw <Skybreaker General> and Taskmaster Varkule Dragonbreath. Changed the movement speed for flying Dragonmaw Skybreakers.
Netherwing Ledge: Cleanup on the Dragonmaw Ascendant spawns. Updated Dragonmaw Ascendant positions. Added waypoints too Dragonmaw Ascendant. Dragonmaw Tower Controller should yell MULVERICK! everytime when Dragonmaw Skybreaker flys over! Add Gug. Add missing Dragonmaw Enforcer spawns and corrected positions. Add and change  in the mines, Mine Car, Murkblood Miner, Nethermine Flayer, Nethermine Ravager, Murkblood Overseer, Crazed Murkblood Miner, Crazed Murkblood Foreman. Add missing SAI for Crazed Murkblood Miner, Crazed Murkblood Foreman, Mine Car, Dragonmaw Foreman. Add waypoints for Nethermine Burster, Nethermine Ravager, Mine Car.
Icecrown: Move Squire David to SmartAI
Icecrown Citadel: Fixed Ice Tomb during phase 3 of Sindragosa encounter
ToC: The Lich King event should only be started by the announcer
ToC: Fix doors opening/closing during Dreadscale fight
Ulduar: Fix some Flame Leviathan issues - Fix boss evading all the time due to bad Doors check. Opened "Lightning Door" to other bosses only after boss dies. Eject players from the vehicles when boss dies, make them untargetable and despawn them after 5 minutes (adjust the time to the blizzlike time of choice)
HellfireRamparts: Vazruden the Herald - Improve Reset -/ Aggrobehaviour
Avoid friendly fire on Ulduar
Waypoints and corrections in Uldaman
Dire Maul: Spawn quiet a few missing gos in diremaul including the 5 pylons in Dire (Also spawning Arcane Aberration, Mana Remnant, Carrion Swarmer)
Shattered Halls: Revamped instance script, support for quests 10884, 9524, 9525
CoS: Chrono Lord Epoch converted to BossAI
HallsOfStone: Brann Spankin' New achievement should only fail if damage is taken during event
HallsOfStone: Set the Tribunal of Ages encounter state to IN_PROGRESS once it starts, instead of when Brann's escort starts
Uldaman: Instance update - Fixup Boss Ironaya. Add the freeze animation for minions and archaedas. Fix attack target for minions who wake up.
VioletHold: Fix crash
Eye of Eternity: Provide players with drakes when entering instance after Malygos' demise
Dire Maul Cosmetic Stuff
Ulduar: Fix a comple of issues with Flame Leviathan's towers - Fix tower count being set to 0 once the first tower is destroyed due to bad logic. Prevent towers from reducing counter twice (caused by event being sent twice by the gameobject when destroyed)
Quests Fixes
Tooga's Quest
The Lodestone
The Essence of Enmity
Parts for the Job
Ghost-o-plasm Round Up
Prayer to Elune
The Delicate Sound of Thunder / Lightning Infused Relics
The Escape + Collecting Kelp
Disrupt Their Reinforcements
Take the letter
A Crew Under Fire
Ending Their World
Lohn'goron, Bow of the Torn-heart
The Cipher of Damnation
Take Down Tethyr!
Teleport This!
Into the Pit / Back to the Pit
Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike
Vision Guide
The Cipher of Damnation - Ar'tor's Charge
Lohn'goron, Bow of the Torn-hear
The Secret Compromised
Kael'thas and the Verdant Sphere
The Fall of Magtheridon (Horde and Alliance)
Lord Illidan Stormrage
Unsealed Chest
The Exorcism of Colonel Jules
The Black Knight's Orders
War is Hell and Monitoring the Rift: Cleftcliff Anomaly
Thirst Unending as DK
Killing Two Scourge With One Skeleton
Elekks Are Serious Business
The Journey Has Just Begun
Teron Gorefiend, I am...
When Smokey Sings, I Get Violent - The other spell effect must target scourge structure in order for the damage to player to work when using item.
Are we there, yeti?
What Do You Feed a Yeti, Anyway?
Torek's Assault - Guards now follow Torek and will also attack enemy mobs. Torek will now attack enemy npcs instead of walking straight past them.
Teron Gorefiend, I am...
Kodo Roundup - Fixes the remaining bugs in the "Kodo Roundup" quest in Desolace (removes combat status from creature 11627, Tamed Kodo, sets normal walking speed as the creature's follow speed, makes the Tamed Kodo stop at Scrabblescrew's Camp, enables quest objective count 0/5 -> 5/5, quest complete, links the missing gossip text in the DB)
Blightbeats be Damned!
The Thunderspike
Assault by Air (A/H)
Steamtank Surprise
Get Me Out of Here!
The Horse Hollorer - again
The Forgotten Tale
Add prerequisites to some quests.
Among the Champions
Troll Patrol: Done to Death
Engineering a Disaster
Divination: Gorefiend's Truncheon
In Strict Confidence
The Heart of the Mountain
You Scream, I Scream... - This is horde quest but required races where set to 255 which made it so Bloodelf characters could not take this quest and thus could not complete Ogrimmar childrens week chain.
Chug and Chuck!
The Plume of Alystros - Event script for when quest item used. Update SAI on Alystros the Verdant Keeper so becomes attackable, sets emote state, plays sound and attacks. Move spellfocus so that is not on the top of the rock with Alystros so only players with fly mount could even get up there to try and use quest item, have moved to the bit of land closest to the rock as spellfocus object positions cant be sniffed.
Vision Guide
Exorcising the Trees
Fix multiples spawn for A Taste of Flame
Counterattack! Script improvements
Quest rewards for Northrend Children's Week chain
Bladespire Kegger / Getting the Bladespire Tanked
The Valiant's Challenge
Disable some quests which had not been takable on retail since patch 1.8 when Korrak was removed from Alterac Valley, these quests later became completable after patch 3.0.2 but only if player still had quest in log from before was removed (The Legend of Korrak, Korrak the Bloodrager, The Return of Korrak, Korrak the Everliving)
The Earthbinder
Hellscream's Champion
The test of Righteousness/Whitestone oak lumber
The Echo of Ymiron
Fix trainer training train spell instead proper skill spell
High Tinker Mekkatorque
Tortured Skeleton
Senetil Selarin
Dread Tactician
Spirit of Sathrah
Expedition Warden
Susan Tillinghast
Kurenai Captive
Defenders at Bloodmyst Isle
Pathing for Winter Revenant
Pathing for Freya
Pathing for Guardians of Life
Warden of the Chamber
Deathbound Ward
Okla + Kranal - apply Movement & Talksequences.
Make Clockwork Mechanic ride Arachnopod
Fix multiply Ulduar pathing: Guardian Lasher, Hired Engineer, Hired Demolitionist, Weslex Quickwrench
Paladin Mounts - Holy visual
Fix faction of 8564 Ranger
Tobias the Filth Gorger
Vhel'kur Waypoints
Grizzlyhills Pathing - Brigade Marine, Hold Berserker, Actionlist, Graymist Hunter, Horrified Drakkari Shaman etc...
Added group Highland Mustang pathing
Pathing for Lieutenant Valorcall and his guards
Pathing for Forsaken Courier and her guards
Spawn some 'Shakers'
Goblin Merc spawn and some adjustment on Dragonmaw Base Camp
Anub'ar Venomancer - Script Anub'ar Venomancer to use poison bolt. Even though wowhead lists two spells for these creatures (poison bolt & poison bolt volley) in sniff only appears to use poison bolt ie 0 casts of the volley spell.
Fixing a minor error on Elrodan and Aurosalia event
Altruis the Sufferer - Add a few missing texts for this npc
Guard Roberts
Elemental Slave
Voidwalker Minion
Pit-Fighting Spectator - Emotes
Conquest Hold Legionnaire - Movement
Priestess Tyriona
Refurbished Steam Tank
Fix Watch Commander Zalaphil equipment
Silvermoon Guardians Emote responses
Baelmon the Hound-Master
Fix InhabitType for Sapphire Hive Wasp
Add missing paths for Silvermoon Guardians
Legion Hold scripts and event
Fix summon position of Argent Valiant
Fixed creatures stucks at 1 hp when a health increasing aura gets removed.
Orgrim's Hammer and The Skybreaker
Some npcs don't respond to aggro if player is in water
Missing spawns and gossip menus for Karazhan Chess (note this encounter still is not scripted) this adds the missing npcs and gossip menus for these npcs,
Akama - Script quest turn in cut scenes for: Scripts quests in first part of chain: Akama, The Atamal Terrace
Emissary of Hate - Add Conditions for Emissary of Hate - Spawn, increade Despawntimer, remove unneeded actions from Irespeakers
Fix multiply SAI for creatures: Azure Spellweaver, Azure Binder, Gatekeeper Melindra, Syreian the Bonecarver, Unbound Seer, Mistcaller Yngvar, Drottinn Hrothgar, Ornolf the Scarred, Kul the Reckless, Kvaldir Harpooner, Deep Jormungar, Gnarlhide, Yulda the Stormspeaker, Sigrid Iceborn, Twilight Worshipper, Onu'zun, Sunreaver Scout, Silver Covenant Scout, Silver Covenant Horseman, Sunreaver Hawkrider, Ahn'kahar Spell Flinger, Eye of Taldaram, Frostbringer, Stormforged Amplifier, Veteran Mage Hunter, Portal Keeper, Nesingwary Game Warden, Unbound Dryad, Unbound Corrupter, Shandaral Hunter Spirit, Spirit of Koosu, Anub'ar Necromancer, Anub'ar Prime Guard, Lost Drakkari Spirit, Onslaught Harbor Guard, Sifreldar Runekeeper, Onslaught Raven Bishop, Savage Hill Scavenger, Savage Hill Mystic, Stormforged Tracker, Spitting Cobra, Drakkari God Hunter, Drakkari Fire Weaver, Drakkari Battle Rider, Mildred the Cruel, K3 Bruiser, Earthen Stoneguard, Iron Dwarf Magus, Wastes Scavenger, Emperor Cobra, Rainspeaker Oracle, Frenzyheart Tracker, Frenzyheart Hunter, Frenzyheart Scavenger, Sparktouched Oracle, Don Carlos, Snowflake, Dark Necromancer, Drakkari Water Binder, Ymirjar Necromancer, Har'koan Subduer, Dragonflayer Spiritualist, Hath'ar Broodmaster, Hemet Nesingwary, Storming Vortex, Hardened Steel Skycaller, Titanium Vanguard, Prince Raze, Summoned Blackhand Dreadweaver, Duggan Wildhammer, Death-Hunter Hawkspear, Deathspeaker Selendre, Risen Rifleman, Ragefire Shaman, Searing Blade Warlock, Gordok Ogre-Mage, Gordok Mage-Lord, Gordok Warlock, Wildspawn Betrayer, Wildspawn Felsworn, Wildspawn Hellcaller, Highborne Summoner, Eldreth Apparition, Irondeep Shaman, Whitewhisker Geomancer, Morloch, Snowblind Windcaller, Horde Scout, Warsong Shaman, Wildpaw Mystic, Nathanos Blightcaller, Lord Vyletongue, Quel'Lithien Protector, Damned Soul, Mastok Wrilehiss, Ashenvale Outrunner, Warsong Scout, Warsong Runner, Warsong Outrider, Ambassador Malcin, Silverwing Sentinel, Lorgus Jett, Mounted Ironforge Mountaineer, Sinestra, Time WatcherLil Timmy, Scarlet Crusade in Deathknell, Valiance Keep Rifleman, Guard Untula, Time Keeper, Loaned Wind Rider, Kalecgos, Mangletooth, Echeyakee, Thomas Yance, Eranikus the Chained, Shadowpine Catlord, Shadowpine Catlord, Razormane Hunter, Curgle Cranklehop, Creeping Sludges, Zixil, Witch Doctor Zum'rah, Nessy, Naga Siren, Syndicate Watchman, Groundbound Soaring Razorbeaks, Sah'rhee, Stinglasher, Nancy and Grandpa Vishas, Overlord Runthak, Surveyor Candress, Nestlewood Owlkin
Zombiefest! - Spawn all Risen Zombie, also spawning the missing Acolyte. Zombies become visible to player once Arthas is started or exactly at the time the first wave spawns. Zombies in first half will then respawn until Salramm the Fleshcrafter after which they will stop respawning (achieved by becoming invisible + immune at respawn) this does not effect zombies in 2nd half of instance.
Core/BG/SOA: fixed interaction with flags and titan relic
Core/Dungeon Finder: Fix Vote Kick breaking LFG queue - Fix Vote Kick started with party in queue breaking the whole LFG queue. The status of Vote Kick is now storing in a bool variable in LfgGroupData, separated from LfgState of the group/members.
If a Vote Kick started with party in queue, the members were not removed from queue correctly and would cause LFG matching system to match these "broken" players but not allowing to start a dungeon.
Move FillCirclePath function to MotionMaster
Fixed possible crash in Aura::RefreshDuration
LFG: Fix the case where the last player left in a lfg group would be stuck in party when porting out of the instance.
Add In Water Condition
Remove virtual mounts from creatures on death
Hand of Reins - Questsupport for 'Mounting Up'
Dreadsteed - Flame visual
Implement some eject passenger spells
Blood elf paladin's mount visual
Shadow Sight must be debuff
Removes the ability to cast while in fear and rooted.
Kor'Kron Flare Gun - Script replacement of item if player had destroyed item since doing initial quest in chain.
Bloodthistle Withdrawal
Fix Item D.I.S.C.O.
Brazie's Black Book of Secrets
Nevermelting Ice Crystal
Bobbing apple
Halaa bombs
Dragon's Call
Fix The Grand Melee
Gossip: Wolver/Oracle Oprhan - Add gossip menu to Wolver and Oracle Orphan, gossip was already in db just not assigned.
Gossip: Bloodelf Orphan - Add gossip menu and set for Bloodelf Orphan, Dreanei Orphan already has it was just the gossip for horde npc which was missing
Gossip: Orchish Orphan - As with shattrath one alliance (human orphan) already has gossip was just missing from orchish one
Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer
Set Minimum Level requirement for Runescroll of Fortitude
Remove Midsummer Double Spawns
Fix and add gossip stuff to avoid learning spells from different classs trainers
Add gossips to Shenthul
Event mount of dirt
Razormaw Matriarch's Nest
Add missing Mysterious Wailing Caverns Chest template
Stone of Remembrance
Dedication of Honor - Dedication of honor will play lich king video to a player who has killed the lich king
Nether Drake Egg
Mysterious Deadmines Chest/Mysterious Wailing Caverns Chest
Delete duplicated gameobject
Serpentshrine Cavern - Including the objects for Vjash's bridge, Not Finished.
Sealed Chest loot

EVOWOW Server Updates


EVOWOW Server Updates

EVOWOW Server беше успешно обновен.

Списък с промените:


Hellfire Ramparts: Add a missing reset call and correct spawn masks for Reinforced Fel Iron Chests
Sunwell Plateau: Correct a summon group entry and misc clean up
Arcatraz: Warden Mellichar - Set summoned Units in Combat
SunwellPlateau: Fix a typo that caused M'uru's phase transition to fail on some rare cases
Halls of Stone: Fix some visuals, creatures group formations.
Halls Of Lightning: Boss Volkhan - Add OOC Forgecast
Forge Of Souls: Fix an indentation issue on Bronham's script
Forge Of Souls: improved Bronjahm encounter
Zul Aman: Enable Script for Gazakroth
Black Temple: Shade of Akama. Updated to BossAI. Solved issue with door not closing when event starts. Solved issue with gossip flag being reset after event is done.
Violet Hold: Zuramat the Obliterator - Improve Summonbehaviour of Void Sentry
Icecrown: The Lich King defile should not grow when player grabbed by Val'kyr is moves across
Arcatraz: Harbinger Skyriss Adds - Remove Unattackable Flag on Spawn


Convert: Quest The Sacred and the Corrupt Turn into event.
Fix: Quest Adding Injury to Insult - Now blizzlike
Implement: Quest Quel'Delar - support for quest 24480, 24561, there may be some visual problems but quest should work as intended
Fix: Minshina's Skull
Fix: Honor the Fallen
Fix: Respite for a Tormented Soul
Fix: Digging for Prayer Beads
Fix: A Friendly Chat
Fix: Ready for Pickup
Fix: Tree's Company
Fix: A Hearty Thanks!
Fix: Missing in Action
Fix: Mission: Plague This
Fix: Aces High!
Fix: Crushing the Crown
Fix: Finding the Phylactery
Fix: Gammothra the Tormentor
Fix: By Fire Be Purged
Fix: Becoming a Shadoweave Tailor
Fix: Street "Cred"
Fix: Will of the Titans
Fix: Delivering the Message
Fix: The Black Knight's Fall
Fix: Whispers of the Raven God
Fix: Root samples
Fix: Death From Below
Fix: Fervor of the Frostborn
Fix: Blueleaf Tubers
Fix: Escape Through Force
Fix: Special Delivery to Shattrath City
Fix: Nothing But The Truth
Fix: Stop the Plague
Fix: Fury of the Frostborn King
Fix: The Howling Vale
Fix: Learning to Communicate
Fix: The Reckoning
Fix: Vyletongue Corruption
Fix: A Hearty Thanks!
Fix: Seeds of Chaos
Fix: Wanted: Murkdeep
Fix: Krolmir, Hammer of Storms
Fix: The Battle For Crusaders' Pinnacle
Fix: The Battle of Darrowshire
Fix: A Distraction for Akama
Fix: Measuring Warp Energies - Disable los on Warp Measurement otherwise provided quest item only gives credit when literally standing right on top of spell focus object
Fix: Basic Chemistry
Fix: A Rough Ride
Fix: Taking of Mind Tricks for Alliance Players
Fix: On Nethery Wings
Fix: Iron Rune Constructs and You: Collecting Data
Fix: Iron Rune Constructs and You: The Bluff
Fix: Iron Rune Constructs and You: Rocket Jumping
Fix: Rescuing Evanor
Fix: The Tome of Divinity
Fix: Saving Yenniku


Dinner Impossible - Now achievement is only rewarded when a great feast has been laid in all 5 specified battlegrounds by player.
Flirt with Disaster (Faction change issue)


Zul'Drak: GO Scourge Enclosure - Delay Despawn of Dummy to ensure Explosion
Fixed loading and saving skill data PK violations
Bloodmyst Isle: Disable CreatureAttack for NPC: Webbed Creature
Disable mmaps for Argent tournament instances
Redridge Mountains: Corporal Keeshan - Complete Escortquest for all Groupmember
Fix Arena reset CDs - Arena shouldn't reset 10 min or longer CDs
Sealed Vial of Poison - Add condition to bag of fishing treasures to prevent Vialed Seal of Poison from dropping if player has already completed the quest it starts since it this item which was responsible for the bag bugging out and remaining in inventory but unclickable after player removed all visible items.
Assign Script to Felwood 'Ancient Leaves' Trigger
Mulgore: The Plains Vision - Move Corescrript to SAI
Fix a LFG issue that would kick a player out of a just-formed LFG party if player was being teleported. 
Fix Luna Festival (Commoner texts & Gossip)


Update: several npc's move_type for running npc's
Add: Corvax & Rook spawns and waypoints
Replicate: script on Elizabeth Ross to other tabard vendors as previously only Elizabeth Ross would replace lost tabards.
Fix: Trayanise waipoints, also adds the texts to this npc
Fix: The Brewmaiden SAI
Fix: Emissary of Hate SAI
Fix: Caretaker Dilandrus waipoints and SAI
Fix: Antu'sul SAI and text data
Fix: Tiny Snowman SAI
Fix: Silithid Hive Drone and Silithid Invader SAI
Fix: immunity flags for Herald Volazj SAI
Fix: Irespeaker SAI
Fix: Millhouse Manastorm text
Fix: Gundrak creature pathing
Fix: Drak'Tharon Keep pathing
Fix: Halls of Lighting creatures pathing
Fix: Mellichar movement type.
Change: Ru'zah orientation
Fix: Theradrim Shardling/Theradrim Guardia SAI + waypoints data
Fix: Magmoth Shaman / Totem SAI
Fix: Beryl Treasure Hunter SAI
Fix: Kvaldir Mist Lord SAI
Fix: Fireguard Destroyer SAI
Fix: Borean Tundra creatures pathing and SAI
Fix: Lunchbox SAI and waipoint data
Fix: Scavenge-bot 004-A8
Fix: Stonebreaker - Waypoints and Keb'ezil's tweak
Fix: Terokkar creatures waypoints.
Fix: SAI target_type for Scarlet Peasant
Fix: Isle of Quel'Danas - Movement
Fix: Magrin Rivermane flags
Fix: Kyle - Move Corescript to SAI
Fix: Zuluhed the Whacked
Fix: Thrallmar - Waypoints
Fix: Darnassian Scouts
Fix: Nexus-King Salhadaar
Fix: Plagueborn Horro
Fix: Skorn WhiteCloude conditions
Fix: Cyrus Therepentous menu and conditions
Fix: Keristrasza conditions and add SAI
Fix: Drak'Tharon Keep start sequence
Fix: Durnan Furcutter
Fix: Hai'shulud, Mature Bone Sifter and Tunneler SAIs
Fix: Utgarde Keep creatures Pathing and Emotes
Fix: Mug'gok AI Script
Fix: Coprous the Defiled and Plagued Fiend SAIs
Fix: Borean Tundra Creature Movements
Fix: Hyldsmeet Warbear mounts
Fix: Skettis Waypoints Part 1
Fix: Northsea Kraken SAI
Fix: Conditions for King Jokkum
Fix: Floating stealth creatures
Fix: Gordunni Proxy


Now Use BonusAmount for periodic damage
AoD Specials should only target one Unit
Fix Cooldown for Raise Dead (Ghoul)
Remove Eternal Might from NR Alchemy Research - Remove ability to learn transmute: eternal might when doing Northrend Alchemy Research since even though this spell and item exists in database could never actually be learnt on retail
Fix: Wintergrasp teleporter in dalaran
Fix: a float division issue in EffectLeapBack


Fix: Thundering Charm and Cresting Charm
Fix: The Egg of Mortal Essence
Fix: Elixir of Minor Accuracy spell
Fix: Bountiful Feast SAI
Fix: Battered Storm Hammer - Battered storm hammer can only be used on The Iron Watcher wowhead comments state this will not work on any other target.


Fix some Scholomance doors
Add 2 missing gameobjects (Bottle of Peaked Dalaran Red and Cask of Peaked Dalaran Red)

AuctionHouse Bot

Fix AHBot Buyer buyin, bidding and enhance logic

Безплатно възстановяване на изтрит герой!

Здравейте отново маняци и манячки ;)

Бих искал да Ви информирам за една малка промоция от 100% за една от услугите ни.

Възстановяване на изтрит герой

До 08 февруари 2015 г. всеки, който желае, може да възстанови героят който е изтрил (по една или друга причина) напълно безплатно. Това означава, че героят ще бъде върнат в състоянието в което е бил изтрит.

Промоцията има две дребни условия:

1. Героят трябва да го има като архивиран в профилът Ви.

2. Героят трябва да е бил изтрит преди 2015-та година.

Забележка: Изтритите героите се пазят в състоянието в което са било изтрити. Също така промоцията не включва герои изтрити поради нарушения на правилата на сървъра.

За запитвания и заявки, моля използвайте нашите форуми или обратна връзка



EVOWOW Server Updates


EVOWOW Server Updates

EVOWOW Server беше успешно обновен.

Списък с промените:

Wow Instances

Ulduar: Fix Kologarn's arms being despawned before they're used to access the rubble spawning triggers.
Naxxramas: Implement the Four Horsemen's dialogue that happens after Gothik's death.
Naxxramas: Implement Kel'Thuzad's taunts after defeating each wing and the one after killing Mr. Bigglesworth.
Archimonde: replaced one yell with proper db content and unhacked drain world tree.
HallsOfLightning: Implement Loken's intro speech and rewrite boss script to EventMaps/BossAI.
ToC: Remove a safe-measure call that caused issues
MountHyjal: Update Archimonde's script.
Ulduar: fix Achievs "Champion of Ulduar" and "Conqueror of Ulduar"
ToC: Simplify the code for "A Tribute to Immortality" achievement. Also fixes the achievement being still awarded if players die indirectly during boss fights (Anub'arak adds, for example).
Ulduar: Fix Ignis' Slag Pot periodic ticks and enable achievement "Hot Pocket"
Naxxramas: Implement dialogue after Sapphiron dies. Spawn missing triggers at Kel'Thuzad's room. Implement a couple of missing texts and emotes to Kel'Thuzad's fight.
Nexus: rewritten instance script.
Nexus: Implement Grand Magus Telestra's seasonal costume
Naxxramas: Add script support for quarter teleporters and spawn missing ones.
Oculus: Implement a couple of missing texts
ICC: fixed situations when LK tried to cast Necrotic Plague on pets and then Necrotic Plague was omitted.
Nexus: Keristrasza converted to BossAI and EventMap
Ulduar: Fixes Flame Leviathan entering evade mode if Pursue returns no target. Pursue is never cast on players at retail, however, being there without a vehicle doesn't prevent the boss from attacking you, nor does it enter evade mode.
CoS: Added SetDespawnAtFar, fixes Arthas despawning if no players are in range (specially during waves).
ToC: Twin Val'kyr. Script rewritten to EventMaps. Implemented random special ability sequence. Adjusted timer for special abilities to 45 seconds. Misc clean up.
Ulduar: Scripts. Non repeating event between High Explorer Dellorah and Lore Keeper of Norgannon. Repeating event between Kirin Tor Battle-Mage and Hired Engineer at first teleporter.
MoltenCore: Fix logic at Ragnaros' Magma Blast casts. Should only be cast while the main target is not in melee range.
Eye of Eternity: Prerequisites for Judgment at the Eye of Eternity and Heroic: Judgment at the Eye of Eternity. Prevent image of loken and Warlord Jin'arrak from aggroing on player when summoned for scripted events.
Karazhan: Fix opera event game objects.

Wow Quests

New Recruit
The Vile Hold. Script Eye of Dominion / Lithestalker
A Undead's Best Friend / Eidolan Watcher
An Undead's Best Friend and other quests using this vehicle. Only major bug as with the lithe stalker is when player exits vehicle player should get teleported back to position where they mounted vehicle as if it was pocessed but this is vehicle.
Generosity Abounds
Stunning View
Across Transborea
Coward Delivery... Under 30 Minutes or it's Free
Rescue from Town Square. Based on original script by untaught
Return of the High Chief. Script the quest rather than the tusk just been permamently spawned on the ground.
All Hail Roanauk!
Rallying the Troops
Sniffing Out the Perpetrator (Alliance)
Blending In. Credit now given the proper way using areatriggers rather than using ooc los on npcs result, credit is now given wether or not player is wearing shroud rather than only working if player does not use shroud as the credit npc cannot see shrouded player. Added the Detect Shrouded Player to En'kilah Abomination so these are now visible to shrouded players and will attack.
Flight of the Wintergarde Defender. Add missing Helpless Wintergarde Villagers and associated updates for these. Script quest, based on original work by Rushor. Fixed credit for rescueing villagers as this did not work in original script and added wintergarde mine to areas where gryphon is allowed to be flown as the tooltip for the mount states thats its allowed there.
Of keys and cages. Since have now confirmed that the issue with cages not closing is still present on clean tc.
Quest linking: The amphitheatre of anguise should continue regardless as wether player completed "The Amphitheater of Anguish: Yggdras!" as first quest in chain, not only if player did 12932 (quest offered if player did not do nagrand quests), if 12954 was taken no further quest would be offered once returned.
Doing Your Duty. Player will now receive Partially Processed Amberseeds when the indisposed buff from using the outhouse wares off.
Second Chances, Lord Commander arete will now spawn when aretes gate is summoned rather than quest completing but the quest ender never spawning.
Foundation for revenge quest credit.
Im not dead yet quest credit.
Return to resting, remove non repeatable flags which were making it so quest would only work for 1 player per server restart.
Fix phasing of crusader bridenbrad so is visible for quest "A tale of valor".
Drops of quest starter item "Mezhen's Writings"
Starting of event for Quest Tirions Gambit
We Strike!
Feeding Arngrim
Further Conversations. Fix quest credit for this quest. The Erratic sentrys will now despawn when hit by spell rather than letting player summon 5 erratic sentrys from one mob.
What the Soul sees. Fix script on ancient orc ancestor previous script was taking scenic route to script this quest ie running script on spellhit which killed self and then had event to spawn the darkened spirit on death.
Stinky's Escape
The Flesh Giant Champion
Prisoners of the Grimtotems
Swift Discipline
Post-Partum Aggression
Heart of Hakkar
Red Snapper - Very Tasty! GOb. Fix 'School of Red Snapper' now disappear correctly when using 'Draenei Fishing Net'.
A Spirit Guide.
Fix Battle for Hilsbrad so previous quest links to correct quest and not one which is disabled as depreciated quest, ie quest 14351 replaced quest 550 but tc still had quest 550 set as next quest quest for 541 and was missing creature_queststarter entry for correct quest.
Fix Mog dorg the Wizened quest linking issues. Fix quest chain leading upto bomb them again.

Wow Achievements

Remove unneeded criteria data for "A Tribute to Immortality". Required team is already checked from dbc on criteria update. Thanks to joschiwald.
Remove criteria for the "Shattered" achievement from disables as it works fine. Ulduar/Ignis achievement.
Enable achievement "Drive Me Crazy". Refers to Yogg-Saron
DB/Achievement: Now We're Cookin
DB/Achievement: Pilgrim's Peril. 
DB/Event: Fix Perry Gatner event. This event is meant to occur every 4 hours, not just at 4/8 pm as previously thought.
Fix Lumberjacked Achievement

Wow Core Fixes

NPC Interaction change for unfriendly reputation.
Core/LFG: Fix party members not being able to vote to kick Leader.
Core/LFG: Fix being unable to re-queue after leaving queue.
Core/LFG: Allow group bound to LFG instance to re-queue if someone leaves the party.
Core/Players: Fix a flaw as timed quests can still turn failed even if complete.
Fix Ranged auto attack (wands and hunter auto shots) visual bug.
Core/Player: Fix Restes/RaF exp on the exp bar and from kills.
Fix Crusader Bridenbrad phasing (should be visible for a tale of valor)
Scripts/SethekkHalls: fixed Talon King Coffer (

Wow Creatures

Script for first part of mobs before the gunship battle.
Script for second part of mobs before the gunship battle
Script for Harbinger of the Raven
Script for Vacillating Voidcaller
Script for Ruul the Darkener. by Killyana
Fix Archmage Pentarus Flying Machine
Scripts for Dalaran Citizen and Great Hexer Ohodo
Hellfire Peninsula - Massive Waypoints fixes.
Some spawns and waypoints on Storm Peaks
Fix for Bleeding Hallow Dark Shaman without waypoint data
Short John Mithril / Arena Treasure Chest: Remove permament spawn of Arena Treasure Chest. Script Short John Mithril to start wp at start of event, say his 2 lines (1st zone wide) and Summon Arena Treasure Chest
Add Scripts Captain Edward Hanes to cast The Captain's Kiss upon accepting "The Bloodcursed Legacy" and "The Hopeless Ones...".
Add menu for Brann Bronzebeard and Lore Keeper of Norgannon (Ulduar)
Edrick Killian & Mattie Alred waipoints.
Fix Deviate Ravager. It helps if creatures cast damaging spells while in combat and when they have a target not when out of combat.
Fix Onyxia's immunities. Add immunity to interript effects. Remove immunity to taunt effects as that was only valid for the classic version.
Fix make invisible NPC Rodin Quest Credit stop attacking players while trying to do return to resting.
Changes to script for Foolish Endeavors. 
Fix. Nerub'Ar Victims are moving and granting experience.
Ogre Tannin Basket. Prevent mass spawn of Gordok Bushwacker by repeatedly opening masett as this was triggered by event script from GO.
Traveler's Tundra Mammoth. Script vendors on Traveler's Tundra Mammoth so that when player dismounts they say there line before despawning.
Add Perry Gatner Texts.
Wrathgate Stuff. Re-script Alexstrasza the Life-Binder at the Wrathgate to implement a missing event as well to play the wrathgate video which was already scripted.
Commoner Texts: Add various texts to racial commoners in game, this is not complete yet and the gaps in sai and text groups are deliberate so that when missing texts come up these can be added easily
Winterveil: All winter veil texts for Human, Gnome, Dwarf, Dreanei, Night Elf, Troll, Orc, Tauren (Forsaken, Blood Elf and Goblin done in previous commit)

Wow Spells

DB/Spells: Fix Venomhide Poison staking with spell power.
DB/Spells: Bizuri's Totem of Shattered Ice / Idol of the Crying Moon
Fix spell cooldown for guardian pets.
Fixed crash in spell Aspect of the Beast (
Prevent Divine Intervention from removing death persistent auras. Such as Dungeon Deserter, Resurrection Sickness, etc...
Death Grip should not be castable while jumping/falling and should have 8-30 yards range in PvP instead of 0-30 yards.

Database Items

Northrend Mystery Gem Pouch (3.3.5). This is probably only valid for 3.3.5 as item is marked as no longer available in game and last comment on wowhead is from 4.1.0 saying item is now worthless, was added in 3.2. Remove northrend rare gems for emblem of heroism from Lhara and replace with this item
Bubbling Brightbrew Charm - by Kittnz, based on work of Rushor

AuctionHouse Bot

Load items from memory instead of DB (may break 3rd party programs).
Fix item suffix search.
For AHBot set expired auctions ignored from update process.
Fix rebuild command requiring a dummy value.
Fix ahbot config to normal.
Fix sellprice setting in core.
Remove unused paramters from RemoveAuction(), kept till now for compatibility with ahbot patch.

Хо Хо Хо

Весели празници

Хо Хо Хо
Здравейте отново скъпи приятели.
Отдавна не бях публикувал новина на нашата страница. Въпреки, че много пъти започвах, все не ми останаваше време да довърша...
Сега обаче, бих искал да напиша няколко неща, който по един или друг начин интересува потребителите, които играят тук.
Измина една трудна година, поне за мен. Изгубихме форума си за доста дълъг период (благодарение на служителите на ДАНС) и искрено се надявам да ми го върнат до края на февруари месец 2015. Тогава ще навърши една година. Ако ли не, ще пусна изцяло нов, въпреки, че си искам стария с всичките теми в него...
Една от новините, които бих искал да споделя е следната: EVOWOW Server за сега ще задържи версията си на WOTLK.
Знам, че много от вас милеят и ме натискат да преминем на по-висока версия и т.н., но както много от вас знаят, аз много държа на стабилността на играта. /Мразя крашовете/
По последни данни емулатора, който ползваме "пенсионира" разработките си по WOTLK, което не означава, че емулатора няма да работи разбира се.
Това решение обаче отваря врата за нещо ново и то е следното: От Ноември месец някъде, TrinityCore започнаха работа по преработката и изграждането на ядро за WoD - Warlords of Draenor.
Това е голям скок, прескачайки World of Warcraft: Cataclysm и World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, но според дискусиите в форума им и IRC, се оказа най-правилното решение. Не съм голям специалист относно механиките, които се ползват в WoD, но според това, корто прочетох и разбрах, те са коренно различни от тези в Cataclysm и Pandaria, да не говорим за WOTLK. За това е и този скок.
Така, че... това е предизвестие. Предизвестие, че следващият пач, на който EVOWOW ще бъде мигриран е World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor.
Бих искал да успокоя и тези, които мислят, че двата пача World of Warcraft: Cataclysm и World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria няма да ги има в играта - това не е така. Тези два пача ще са си в играта, и ще се работи по тях, както и сега се фиксват неща от Classic или World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade. Минаването на WoD няма да е лесно разбира се и няма да стане от днес за утре - това си го избийте от главите ;)
Според очакванията на TrinityCore се очаква Aalfa версия на ядрото до няколко месеца. Това не означава, че ще работи както трябва - означава, че основните механики ще функционират (движение, на героя, бутони, меюта, някой магии, зоните ще са достъпни... такива неща). Разбира се всичко ще е бъгаво и нестабилно, както при всеки подобен ъпгрейд.
Някои хора може би си спомнят минаването ни от World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade към World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King - OMG пълна лудница.
Аз обаче предполагам, че работещо ядро за WoD, ще отнеме повече време. Преди два дни получих покана да играя безплатно за 10 дни на последния пач в Blizzard и снощи влязох да играя за около час-два. Не съм оглеждал всички неща, понеже те са толкова много, че няма да ми остане време за самата игра и започнах поредицата от куестове, която ми беше дадена веднага след като влязох. Забелязах нещо ново спрямо Pandaria - кръвта и маната ми вече не бяха 200 000-300 000, а беше около 35 000 - 45 000. Нямам кой знае какви предмети, но все пак, безумието от 600 000 HP е премахнато! Другото, което забелязах беше механиката на куестовете и почти на всеки втори куест има кратка видео сценка - не като трейлърите, а от самата игра. Не съм огледал подробно всичко, понеже имах други неща да свърша, но общо взето играта е придобила по-нормален вид (на пръв поглед). Ако ми остане повече време по празниците, ще добавя още впечатления.
Относно промените по нашият сървър:
През изминалата година, wow сървърът ни претърпя много маловажни и няколко важни подобрения. Маловажните са много и за това няма да ги споменавам.
Имаме нов Auctionhouse Bot. Вече продава доста повече неща, някои от които на доста ниска цена ;)
Halls of Reflection е напълно функциониращ.
Нова anti-cheat система, с СМС известяване ;)
Опция за съживяване срещу вотинг точки.
Възможност да търсите 2 различни ресурса - например билки и мини едновременно.
Беше раздадено злато на стойност: 7 072 000 gold.
Разработвам нов модул за страницата, чрез който ще можете да ресетвате инстанциите в които искате да влезете пак преди да е изтекъл таймерът.
Последната новина:
От днес започва нашата коледна промоция.
Всички начини за получаване на вотинг или дарителски точки, ще бъде със 100% бонус. (х2). Промоцията ще е валидна до 5-ти януари 2015 г.
Накрая бих искам да Ви пожелая:
Всички да сте здрави.
Щастието винаги да изпълва душата Ви.
Упоритостта да е ваш другар във всяко начинание.
Усмивката да не слиза от лицата Ви, въпреки трудностите, които срещате.
Късметът да Ви спохожда, точно когато имате нужда от него.
Любовта да топли сърцето Ви.
Весели празници.