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EVOWOW Server Updates

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EVOWOW Server Updates


EVOWOW Server Updates

EVOWOW Server беше успешно обновен.

Списък с промените:


Hellfire Ramparts: Add a missing reset call and correct spawn masks for Reinforced Fel Iron Chests
Sunwell Plateau: Correct a summon group entry and misc clean up
Arcatraz: Warden Mellichar - Set summoned Units in Combat
SunwellPlateau: Fix a typo that caused M'uru's phase transition to fail on some rare cases
Halls of Stone: Fix some visuals, creatures group formations.
Halls Of Lightning: Boss Volkhan - Add OOC Forgecast
Forge Of Souls: Fix an indentation issue on Bronham's script
Forge Of Souls: improved Bronjahm encounter
Zul Aman: Enable Script for Gazakroth
Black Temple: Shade of Akama. Updated to BossAI. Solved issue with door not closing when event starts. Solved issue with gossip flag being reset after event is done.
Violet Hold: Zuramat the Obliterator - Improve Summonbehaviour of Void Sentry
Icecrown: The Lich King defile should not grow when player grabbed by Val'kyr is moves across
Arcatraz: Harbinger Skyriss Adds - Remove Unattackable Flag on Spawn


Convert: Quest The Sacred and the Corrupt Turn into event.
Fix: Quest Adding Injury to Insult - Now blizzlike
Implement: Quest Quel'Delar - support for quest 24480, 24561, there may be some visual problems but quest should work as intended
Fix: Minshina's Skull
Fix: Honor the Fallen
Fix: Respite for a Tormented Soul
Fix: Digging for Prayer Beads
Fix: A Friendly Chat
Fix: Ready for Pickup
Fix: Tree's Company
Fix: A Hearty Thanks!
Fix: Missing in Action
Fix: Mission: Plague This
Fix: Aces High!
Fix: Crushing the Crown
Fix: Finding the Phylactery
Fix: Gammothra the Tormentor
Fix: By Fire Be Purged
Fix: Becoming a Shadoweave Tailor
Fix: Street "Cred"
Fix: Will of the Titans
Fix: Delivering the Message
Fix: The Black Knight's Fall
Fix: Whispers of the Raven God
Fix: Root samples
Fix: Death From Below
Fix: Fervor of the Frostborn
Fix: Blueleaf Tubers
Fix: Escape Through Force
Fix: Special Delivery to Shattrath City
Fix: Nothing But The Truth
Fix: Stop the Plague
Fix: Fury of the Frostborn King
Fix: The Howling Vale
Fix: Learning to Communicate
Fix: The Reckoning
Fix: Vyletongue Corruption
Fix: A Hearty Thanks!
Fix: Seeds of Chaos
Fix: Wanted: Murkdeep
Fix: Krolmir, Hammer of Storms
Fix: The Battle For Crusaders' Pinnacle
Fix: The Battle of Darrowshire
Fix: A Distraction for Akama
Fix: Measuring Warp Energies - Disable los on Warp Measurement otherwise provided quest item only gives credit when literally standing right on top of spell focus object
Fix: Basic Chemistry
Fix: A Rough Ride
Fix: Taking of Mind Tricks for Alliance Players
Fix: On Nethery Wings
Fix: Iron Rune Constructs and You: Collecting Data
Fix: Iron Rune Constructs and You: The Bluff
Fix: Iron Rune Constructs and You: Rocket Jumping
Fix: Rescuing Evanor
Fix: The Tome of Divinity
Fix: Saving Yenniku


Dinner Impossible - Now achievement is only rewarded when a great feast has been laid in all 5 specified battlegrounds by player.
Flirt with Disaster (Faction change issue)


Zul'Drak: GO Scourge Enclosure - Delay Despawn of Dummy to ensure Explosion
Fixed loading and saving skill data PK violations
Bloodmyst Isle: Disable CreatureAttack for NPC: Webbed Creature
Disable mmaps for Argent tournament instances
Redridge Mountains: Corporal Keeshan - Complete Escortquest for all Groupmember
Fix Arena reset CDs - Arena shouldn't reset 10 min or longer CDs
Sealed Vial of Poison - Add condition to bag of fishing treasures to prevent Vialed Seal of Poison from dropping if player has already completed the quest it starts since it this item which was responsible for the bag bugging out and remaining in inventory but unclickable after player removed all visible items.
Assign Script to Felwood 'Ancient Leaves' Trigger
Mulgore: The Plains Vision - Move Corescrript to SAI
Fix a LFG issue that would kick a player out of a just-formed LFG party if player was being teleported. 
Fix Luna Festival (Commoner texts & Gossip)


Update: several npc's move_type for running npc's
Add: Corvax & Rook spawns and waypoints
Replicate: script on Elizabeth Ross to other tabard vendors as previously only Elizabeth Ross would replace lost tabards.
Fix: Trayanise waipoints, also adds the texts to this npc
Fix: The Brewmaiden SAI
Fix: Emissary of Hate SAI
Fix: Caretaker Dilandrus waipoints and SAI
Fix: Antu'sul SAI and text data
Fix: Tiny Snowman SAI
Fix: Silithid Hive Drone and Silithid Invader SAI
Fix: immunity flags for Herald Volazj SAI
Fix: Irespeaker SAI
Fix: Millhouse Manastorm text
Fix: Gundrak creature pathing
Fix: Drak'Tharon Keep pathing
Fix: Halls of Lighting creatures pathing
Fix: Mellichar movement type.
Change: Ru'zah orientation
Fix: Theradrim Shardling/Theradrim Guardia SAI + waypoints data
Fix: Magmoth Shaman / Totem SAI
Fix: Beryl Treasure Hunter SAI
Fix: Kvaldir Mist Lord SAI
Fix: Fireguard Destroyer SAI
Fix: Borean Tundra creatures pathing and SAI
Fix: Lunchbox SAI and waipoint data
Fix: Scavenge-bot 004-A8
Fix: Stonebreaker - Waypoints and Keb'ezil's tweak
Fix: Terokkar creatures waypoints.
Fix: SAI target_type for Scarlet Peasant
Fix: Isle of Quel'Danas - Movement
Fix: Magrin Rivermane flags
Fix: Kyle - Move Corescript to SAI
Fix: Zuluhed the Whacked
Fix: Thrallmar - Waypoints
Fix: Darnassian Scouts
Fix: Nexus-King Salhadaar
Fix: Plagueborn Horro
Fix: Skorn WhiteCloude conditions
Fix: Cyrus Therepentous menu and conditions
Fix: Keristrasza conditions and add SAI
Fix: Drak'Tharon Keep start sequence
Fix: Durnan Furcutter
Fix: Hai'shulud, Mature Bone Sifter and Tunneler SAIs
Fix: Utgarde Keep creatures Pathing and Emotes
Fix: Mug'gok AI Script
Fix: Coprous the Defiled and Plagued Fiend SAIs
Fix: Borean Tundra Creature Movements
Fix: Hyldsmeet Warbear mounts
Fix: Skettis Waypoints Part 1
Fix: Northsea Kraken SAI
Fix: Conditions for King Jokkum
Fix: Floating stealth creatures
Fix: Gordunni Proxy


Now Use BonusAmount for periodic damage
AoD Specials should only target one Unit
Fix Cooldown for Raise Dead (Ghoul)
Remove Eternal Might from NR Alchemy Research - Remove ability to learn transmute: eternal might when doing Northrend Alchemy Research since even though this spell and item exists in database could never actually be learnt on retail
Fix: Wintergrasp teleporter in dalaran
Fix: a float division issue in EffectLeapBack


Fix: Thundering Charm and Cresting Charm
Fix: The Egg of Mortal Essence
Fix: Elixir of Minor Accuracy spell
Fix: Bountiful Feast SAI
Fix: Battered Storm Hammer - Battered storm hammer can only be used on The Iron Watcher wowhead comments state this will not work on any other target.


Fix some Scholomance doors
Add 2 missing gameobjects (Bottle of Peaked Dalaran Red and Cask of Peaked Dalaran Red)

AuctionHouse Bot

Fix AHBot Buyer buyin, bidding and enhance logic