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EVOWOW Server Updates

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EVOWOW Server Updates


EVOWOW Server Updates

Нова седмица, нов ъпдейт.

Сървърът беше успешно обновен с новостите от TrinitiCore. По мое скромно мнение, има доста драстични промени по няколко инстанции.

Пренаписани са няколко райд боса, фикснати са няколко експлойта и една камара мобове и куестове.

Ето основния списък на промените:

Enable achievement 1428, "Mine Sweeper"
Implement SpellScript needed for Achievement The Turkinator
Achievement: Terokkar Turkey Time
Battleground Fixes
Duplicate Keep Cannons- Delete duplicate Keep Cannons.
Naxxramas - Thaddius follow-up
* Reduce initial spawn timer on the encounter from 30 seconds to 5 seconds
* Rearrange respawn logic to fix the "petrified" visual from not showing properly
* Fix a potential infinite respawn loop that could prevent the encounter from initializing properly.
Naxxramas - Instructor Razuvious rework
Naxxramas - Gothik the Harvester rework
Naxxramas - Four Horsemen rework
EyeOfEternity - Fix crash happening when a player would kill a Melee npc on the disks during Malygos fight and mount it before it ended the waypoint path.
Underbog Colossus - Add missing on death events, previously when killed these always cast toxic pool 
Naxxramas: Maexxna cleanup
* Improved Web Wrap target selection
* Added missing text
* Cleanup of web wrap positioning - two players will never be flung to the same position (25-man)
* Further improvement to web wrap spawn behavior - targetable web wrap now only spawns after the player has finished being flung to the respective position (blizzlike)
* Add additional web wrap positions (sniff)
Icecrown Citadel: Professor Putricide - fixed Expunged Gas damage formula
Shadowmoon Valley: Dragonmaw Peon -  Fixes issue where NPC does not attack, even when aggro'd.
Complete rewrite of the boundary system.
* Migrate boundary logic to Maps/AreaBoundary instead of having it sit in InstanceScript (to possibly allow use for other purposes).
* Implement the first five boundary types in Maps/AreaBoundary.cpp.
* Add boundary checks to Creature's update logic
* Add boundary data for all Northrend raids
* Add boundary initialization structures and methods to InstanceScript
* Modify EnterEvadeMode signature. It now passes a value from the EvadeReason enum as parameter to allow special casing depending on evade reason
* Remove previous (weird) boundary code that had them linked to GO spawns
The Temple of Atal'Hakkar - Add waypoints for Hazzas & make Morphaz follow him
Change door ID in Blackwing Lair - Change the name as well.
Black Temple
* Add formations for Aquesous Lord & Coilskar Sea-Caller
* Add Aqueous Spawn, Bonechewer Taskmaster & Dragonmaw Wyrmcaller paths and formations
* Update Aqueous Spawn spawn distance and movement type so they randomly roam around
Quests Fixes
Add sounds for the quest Last Rites
Fix Seal of Ascension (quest chain for Upper Blackrock Spire)
Tomb of the Lightbringer
The Might of Kalimdor
Hot and Cold
Prisoner of the Bladespire
Creatures of the Eco-Domes
Fel Reavers, No Thanks!
Gorgrom the Dragon-Eater
Restore deleted sql for Anatoly Will Talk
Great Bear Spirit
Return to the Earth
The Air Stands Still
Add missing text for Horns of Nez'ra
The Stories Dead Men Tell
An Undead's Best Friend
Master and Servant
Betrayal - Fix "Blight Fog" cast behavior. Fix "Throw Blight Crystal" cast timing
Victorious Challenger - This npc should not be hostile unless spoken for via gosip to fight for quest
Call to Arms: The Plaguelands/Scarlet Diversions - All versions of this quest are meant to be optional breadcrumb quests to lead players to the bulwark to quest in Western Plaguelands, previously on tc you could not continue chain unless breadcrumb was taken first.
The Ravaged Caravan - fix NPC Coords.
Add Stealth Detection for Steamvaults Creatures
Terrorclaw Reputation on kill reputation
Nether Gas In a Fel Fire Engine - 
Fixed Creatures
Franclorn Forgewright - Make the npc visible only for dead players. Remove the SAI and move the aura to Creature addon
Imprisoned Beryl Sorcerer - Add missing emote state. Move the credit quest on the 5th hit instead of the 7th one
Add Magic immunity to Mana Feeders
Remove Hover mode for Agent Kearnen
Delete multiple duplicate spawns.
Fix multiple creatures in wrong phases
Remove skinloot from Critters
Gubber Blump - Add gossip option to learn fishing if the quest 1141 is taken an fishing is not learned
Grizzly Bear
Sulaa Waypointscript
Spawn Forlorn Soul
Fix Tournament Druid Spell Target visibility
Fix spawn position and equipment for Coilfang Engineers
Fix InhabitType for Ash'ari Crystals
William Kielar SAI
Ethereal Spellfilcher and Ethereal Thief SAI
Add William Kielor SAI
Fix Wretched Captive Orientation
Correct Orbaz Bloodbane creature text
Vyragosa - Fix linked pool spawn. Fix respawn time to be 6h (instead of current 25sec)
Migrate Skyguard Handler Irena to SAI
Sholazar Guardians updated.
Migrate Skyguard Handler Deesak to SmartAI
Migrate Wing Commander Dabir'ee to SAI
Wyrmcaller Vile - Add missing spawns and scripts for visual stuff
Skyguard Handler/Skyguard Nether Ray Waypoint
Harvest Collector SAI
Bro'Gaz the Clanless - Add spawns, pooling and SAI
Spawns of Ethereum Jailor.
Update MovementType of Shadow of Thel'zan the Duskbringer
Add pooling for Ethereum Jailor
Risen Wintergarde Miner & Risen Wintergarde Defender - Delete all existing spawns & respawn both npc's. Pathing added to Risen Wintergarde Defender. Miner still needs SAI!
Fix Coilfang Scale-Healer spamming 'Heal'
Neltharion's Flame - rewrite Rothin the Decaying script and add some missing visuals and other stuff
Kaya Flathoof texts.
Fordragon Battle Steed
Landen Stilwell SAI
Battleguard Sartura - Fix the BaseAttackTime
High Priestess Jeklik - Fixed movement stood on the site.
Add gossip menu for Magistrate Bluntnose
Add missing npc text to Lorrin Foxfire
Blade of Argus in Bloodmyst Isle waipoints.
Show destroy animation for creatures and totems.
Fixed quest sharing and party accept quests
Flying vehicles able to fly again
Remove redundant script npc_anchorite_truuen
Fix crash related to vehicles
Fixed Weapon Skillup on low level mobs
Instance handling follow-up - Fix a bug where a player could maintain a conflicting non-perm solo bind if they were in the instance when invited to group. If a group is created while the leader is in an instance that nobody is bound to, the group will take over the instance and bind to it. This stops the homebind timer when reforming group after disconnects and the like.
Creature spellcast facing rework
* Fixes creatures turning just before a spellcast finishes and smacking players with supposedly-unavoidable damage.
* Fixes visual effects not lining up with the correct target for spells that have their visual aligned with the caster's orientation (examples: Anub'rekhan Impale, Ingvar's Smash/Dark Smash, etc.).
* Creatures' displayed target now properly matches the unit they are targeting with spells for a split second (blizzlike). This is necessary to get proper client-side orientation.
Fixed Raise Ally
Fixed Enrage armor reduce part
Fix Arcane Missiles
Fixed passibe talent auras targeting pets instead of player
Hallow's End item Hallowed Wand
Correctly reset the redirected threat of the hunter's spell Misdirection.
Fixed possible exploit in Duel Reset script
Penance: If hostile target is not in front, now fails in the initial cast rather than the triggered cast, thus not erroneously causing a cooldown.
Fix spell target for Leave Our Mark quest item
FIx Spell Shades do not use aura "Phasing Invisibility"
Fixed Beacon of Light not healing pet.
Ignore category cooldowns for triggered spells - This fixes weird issues where triggered spell fails because it has the same category as the spell triggering it.
Fixed a possible crash with soulbound tradable items
Few cosmetic fixes for Black Wing Lair
Add missing waypoint & spawns for Exodar Peace Keepers & Worker (could use some SAI scripting)
Add a despawn action for npcs involved on "From Their Corpses, Rise!"
Game_tele to Emerald Dream
Migrate specially scripted taxi NPC's to SmartAI
Add condition to sunwell-blade spell to target only Dar'Khan Drathir
Add all remaining Feast of Winter Veil spawns in whole Outland and Dalaran
Fix a levelling Exploit
Fix Skinning Loot for Mottled Boar and Scorpid Worker
Fix Arena Treasure Chest spawning position
Completion script for Delivery to Krenna
Fix an issue with creatures' channeled spells not cancelling properly in certain conditions
Add missing Feast of Winter Veil spawns in Eastern Kingdoms
Add missing Feast of Winter Veil spawns in Silvermoon
Add missing Feast of Winter Veil spawns in Azuremyst Isle
Add missing Dirt mound spawn
Fixed an issue where traps were not redirected to Grounding Totem
Flight Master SAI - Use proper spells to summon enraged wyverns, gryphons, hippogryphs and felbats instead of directly summoning with SAI action 12, also remove second line of all scripts as all of these used 2 lines of sai to summon two npcs on agro, the spells summon 2 in one cast so only one line needed.
Improved Auction house deposit handling
AuctionHouseSeller to have item class level stack control