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Teh Gladiators Comics

Teh Gladiators is a labor of love, more than anything else. The script is written by Uros Jojic, while the art is done by Borislav Grabovic, two Serbian guys, one of which is a total World of Warcraft junkie.

The Genesis - 2

The Genesis 3

The Genesis 4

The Genesis 5

The Genesis 6

The Genesis 7

The Genesis 8

The Genesis 9

The Genesis 10

The Genesis 11

The Genesis 12

The Genesis 13

The Genesis 14

Gladiators Gear Up for Arena Match

Enter The Ring of Trials

Great Forces Are At Work Here

The Team Grows By Two

Awesome New Stealth-Detection Methods

Breaking Out of Stealth

Trevor Training

Of Bold Plans and Coincidences

Teh Short Bus Crew

Kiting FTW

Shish Kebab Mountains

The Old World

The Mace That Got Away

Always Go After the Stupid One First

Along Came the Murlocs

And Then They Were

On Yolanda and Other Things

A Spin and A Dance

Don't Mess With Yolanda's Man

Meet the X32a

IT Pwns Cities