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EVOWOW Server Updates

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EVOWOW Server Updates


EVOWOW Server Updates


От доста време насам не ме свърта една работа и взех, че я свърших тази вечер.

Обнових WOTLK сървърът с последните новости на Trinity. Ето и списъка с промени:

Creature Movement Fixes
Howling Fjord
* Whisper Gulch, Wyrmskol, Baleheim, Gjalerbron, Dereleict Strand, Giants Run, Ivalds Ruin, Niffelvar, Bealgun + Agamand
* New Hearthglen + Dragon Wastes, Moa'ki Harbor + Azure Dragonshrine, Woods of Lothalor + Indu'le Village + Moonrest Gardens
* Moonrest Gardens (West) + Dragonblight (Spider Corner) + Westwind Refugee Camp + Icemist Village
* Icemist Village (West) + Azjol Nerub + Agmars Hammer Area + Obsidian Dragonshrine
* Coldwind Heights + The Crystal Vice
* Stars' Rest, Jortun, Scarlet Point
* Lights Trust + Jintha'kalar + Border Zone to Zul'Drak
Finish Grizzlyhills Movement
FoS/Bronjahm: fixed corrupted soul fragment
Gnomeregan: Multiply creature scripts updated
ICC/Professor Putricide - Volatile Ooze Eruption fix. Rooting should be removed before the knockback effect is cast on the player.
Auchindoun: Fix distance check in boss Shirrak
TheEye: Clean up instance script
Zul'farrak: Fixed summoning Gahz'rilla
Rework Violet Hold bosses adding missing spells/mechanics
Make achievements and loot rolls instance-wide
RubySanctum: Updates to Halion. Fix a mathematical mistake. Correctly spawn Living Embers
Oculus: Implemented Drake GPS system
VioletHold: fix a crash during Ichoron encounter
Oculus: Fix mob missing spells / visuals
Ulduar: Fix Flame Leviathan instance lock - Fix Flame Leviathan instance lock not being granted to players because they were ejected from the vehicles as soon as boss died. Players are now ejected some seconds later.
RubySanctum: Halion: Correctly spawn X-shaped flames.
Ulduar: fixed freya loot and added missing conditions
Ulduar: Fix Mimirons Rocket Strike not dealing damage in 25man mode
RubySanctum: Fixed Meteor Flames
RubySanctum: Widen random angles for meteor flames.
Quests Fixes:
Ammo for Rumbleshot - one remaining problem: the shootanimation of the cannon
Escape from the Staging Grounds
Protecting our Own (horde)
Midsummer Fire Festival
No Mere Dream
Kroshius' Infernal Core - Endevent
Test at Sea
Help Tavara
On Spirit Wings
Finish Me!
Reclusive Rune Master
The New Horde
Rivenwood Captives
Quest rewards for Kael'thas and the Verdant Sphere
Quest rewards for The Cipher of Damnation
VOA Meeting stone
Hellfire Fortifications
I've Got a Flying Machine
The Perfect Dissemblance
A Race Against Time
Master the Storm
Among the Champions and The Grand Melee
Hellfire Fortifications
Slaves to Saronite
The Challenge
Well Watcher Solanian
Into the Soulgrinder
Grizzly Hills Giant and Rallying the Troops
A Flawless Plan
Wandering Shay
Dark heart
Elemental War - Complete Quest gossip
Hints of a New Plague?
Imp Delivery
Ulathek the Traitor
Fixed Creatures:
Winterskorn Hunter - Add 2 Missing Spawns
Reinsert wrongly deleted Creatures
Sten Stoutarm, Gnome Engineer, Mountaineer Stormpike, Marshal Dughan, The Farstrider Lodge, Grizzly Hills Giant (Visual Fix), Scarlet Hound, Dragonflayer Fanatic, Forsaken Crossbowman, Remy "Two Times", Kodo Calf + Kodo Matriarch, Negaton Screamer, William and Donna, Deeprun Diver, Thrallmar grunt, Megzeg Nukklebust, Innkeeper Keldamyr, Anub'ar Ambusher, Anub'ar Cultist, Wastes Digger, Frigid Necromancer, Stable Master Xon'cha, Dark Iron Brewer, Warbringer Construct, Skettis Eviscerator
Add Stranglethorn SAIs
Delete 2 duplicate spawned mobs
Fix Demon trainers
Gundrak Savage pathing
Spawn several missing gameobjects and creatures in The Eye
Several pack of mobs and triggers spawned
Spawned doors at Kael's room
Removed improper spawns of Ember of Alar
Senani Thunderheart gossip
Fixing some spawns on The Frozen Halls entrance
Deathless Watcher - Add 'Submerged' Emote
Bloodpaw Warrior + Bloodpaw Marauder
Smoldering Skeleton Visual - add burning visual effect
Crystalline Ice Giant - Add missing 'Boulder Miss'-Emotes
ScarletEnclave: Add weapons to Unworthy Initiate
Add Spell Script Needed for quest Torch Tossing/More Torch Tossing
Fix snare/daze immunities
Fix converting quests on faction change
Fix memory leak in ".reload command"
The following stealth changes are implemented.
* Combat no longer removes stealth, only damage does
* Creatures will pursue a stealthed unit they cannot see if they're already in combat with them
* When a player is ~~3 yards~~ 8% + 1.5 yards away from the usual stealth detection distance, the creature will perform the "alerted" effect.
* When sitting/sleeping creatures are distracted or alerted, they will stand up
* Idle movement creatures will return to their original (spawn) orientation after distract/alert
* When entering combat with a distracted/alerted creature, distract state is removed
* NPC no longer have a limit to stealth visibility (granted by stealth modifier spells/buffs)
* If alert visibility is greater than aggro range, no alert sent
Invisibility - Reducing threat
Remove incorrect PvP combat state - Neither Vampiric Embrace nor Wandering Plague should keep PvP players in combat state.
Improved Devouring Plague spell direct damage
Fix Charge pathing
Curing the Sick - Add Questcredit
Fix DK Death rune selection
Fixed SPELLMOD_DOT not being applied
Knockback Effect on Flying Mount - Keep the mounted player flying after the knockback effect cast on mounted player. Before these changes, the flying mount behaves like a ground mount after the knockback. From large enough heights, the fall causes damage or death to the falling (mounted) character.
Fix resurrection exploit - Fix an exploit that allowed to resurrect even if corpse was not in range (teleport hack was required too)
Matchmaking: Fix Discard Time overflow on server start
Mark of the Fallen Champion - Heal - Targetconditions
Fix bugged amount of threat given by Taunt
Omen of Clarity - make the Omen of Clarity druid buff work as intended.
Hunter's Chimera Shot - Serpent (ID: 53353) damage should be increase by Improved Stings talent.
Fix issue with Divine Shield immunities
Fixing some auras set with a wrong event
Enhancement Shaman T10 4P bonus set
Learn death knight runeforging skill, when receving the spell book ability.
Renewed Hope also affects Flash Heal
Fix Rapid Recuperation
Magic Suppression - Set ProcCharges
Rumsey's alcohols
Sack of Ulduar Spoils / Large Sack of Ulduar Spoils
Crudely-Written Log - Dropconditions
Update Feralas for 3.3.5
Fixup evading Creatures
Grim Guzzler Area Events
The Grim Guzzler fight
Brewfest - Wrong item in vendors
Sunreaver Hawkrider in Crystalsong Forest
Silver Covenant Horseman in Crystalsong Forest/Windrunner's Overlook
Add a ton of missing gossips
Add a ton of BroadcastTextIDs
Hex of Jammal'an
Guard Slip'kik & Broken Trap - Script event for when quest A Broken Trap is turned in to allow by passing of Guard Slip kik without having to kill him.
Dire Maul Tribute stuff
* Script Mizzle the Crafty / Cho'Rush the Observer.
* Script Guard Mol'Dar, Guard Fengus and Guard Slipkik to give there buffs to a player has king of the gordoc buff
* Add missing texts and gossips to more npcs
* Script Captain Kromcrush event to allow skipping with Gordoc Ogre Suit (WP not complete)
UP - Add all Rndmemotes
Set Faction at start of escort for Corporal Keeshan
Spellcast for 'Silithyst'
Silithyst Mound
Dark Keeper Nameplate